Weird Screen Flash in VR

Quest 2 on Link
I9 9900K
RTX 3090
m.2 SSD

I am having a really weird screen flash in VR. It almost seems like the view is changing for a millisecond then back to the cockpit view. It happens every minute or so. Almost completely at random It really breaks the immersion.

Anyone else having this issue?

Samsies, exact same specs too.

Were you able to fix it?

I think it’s a bug with the sim. I have 6800XT on 9900K and am getting these random black flash every minute or so.

Nope, and today I’m getting constants CTD. FML

■■■■, Hope you get that worked out.

Moved your post into the VR Bugs category - hoping you get this resolved soon. FYI on previous builds using a Rift S I had a similar issue that I managed to fix by setting all of the VR Graphics settings to default again.

Same problem here on every flight i do…split second flash here and there…Its really anoying

Have this problem too, made a bug ticket
I caught the moment in camera, and it was outside of the plane.


Same issue here (Quest 2 via link, 8700K, RTX 2060S, 32GB RAM, SSD). I get what looks like a single bad frame every 1-3 minutes (I would guess) and it disappears so quickly my brain doesn’t have time to see exactly what it displays but it looks like the camera position/angle suddenly jumps somewhere wildly incorrect before returning to normal (and it’s really distracting).

I’m pretty sure I remember having the same issue years ago in FSX when using TrackIR. Could there be some old piece of legacy code in the sim which accidentally overwrites the correct head position and angle occasionally? Maybe the devs could add some constraints to filter out physically impossible changes? (e.g. if head orientation or position changes by more than x degrees or y cm from frame to frame).

Same issue today flying in the dark for the first time w VR:

64 GB
3080 OC
Reverb G2
Nvidia Driver 461.09

Same issue here, and yes, it’s a frame where either the plane or the camera are moving.

Z170 Pro Gaming
32Gb DDR4
3090 RTX
Quest 2
Drivers 461.40

Yep same here. I used to get this in 2d right after release too. I also thought it looked like the view changing quickly.

Actually the view is not changing, the plane is moving place for one frame.

Same here
Oculus CV1
2070 Super
AMD Ryzen 7 2700X
32Gb DDR4

Same here, cv1, 1080ti, I9 9900, 32 Gb

This issue of the FLASH used to occur randomly but now is constant several times in 10 secs. It even happens in the menu screens. Before World 3 update, VR was excellent for me, now it is unplayable (or not enjoyable). I even went to locations where the flight experience was previously good and it still occurs.

For me, World Update 3 has ruined my VR experience.

Oculus Rift CV1
i7 6700
RTX 2080ti
32gb RAM
30mbs connection to Internet.


It seems that it is the Oculus software update that broke it even more, not FS update.

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What update. The MSFS update is the only update I’ve seen.

same issue, game starts fine, switch to VR, menu works fine, then soon as I load a flight it stutters.

like above you’d get a small flash when changing from one ortho tile to the next, but now it’s like every few seconds like a strobe.

Rift CV1
i7 9700k
32gb RAM
RTX 3070 OC
game is on 1TB m.2 drive

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