Weird Screen Flash in VR

Quest 2 on Link
I9 9900K
RTX 3090
m.2 SSD

I am having a really weird screen flash in VR. It almost seems like the view is changing for a millisecond then back to the cockpit view. It happens every minute or so. Almost completely at random It really breaks the immersion.

Anyone else having this issue?

Samsies, exact same specs too.

Were you able to fix it?

I think it’s a bug with the sim. I have 6800XT on 9900K and am getting these random black flash every minute or so.

Nope, and today I’m getting constants CTD. FML

■■■■, Hope you get that worked out.

Moved your post into the VR Bugs category - hoping you get this resolved soon. FYI on previous builds using a Rift S I had a similar issue that I managed to fix by setting all of the VR Graphics settings to default again.

Same problem here on every flight i do…split second flash here and there…Its really anoying