Weird view in the A320

In almost all planes in MSFS 2020 i find the VR head position pretty good after some height adjustments. However, in the A320 I can’t seem to find a good position. The throttle levers seem to be so far away and the sidestick position is awkward. It also looks like the whole cockpit is way too big and I have to lean a lot forward in order to read the displays. It looks good in 2D but in VR it just seems off. Is this a known issue or does it have something to do with my settings?

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I thought I was the only one that thought that way. Compare to the 787 it looks like you are sitting in a recliner….lol

Same - I usually push my chair back when I press the space bar to reset the VR view, then when I shuffle my chair back to its normal position at my desk, the view feels closer and more natural.

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