Weird windscreen reflections at night

Anyone else get this weird dithering type effect at night in both the rear view mirror and front windscreen ? You can see it in the screenshot below, oddly enough the reflection looks fine in the side windscreen.

windscreen effects are set to ultra, makes no difference. Anyone else get this or know how to fix it ?

Given the angle and position of the front screen, you wouldn’t expect to see the full reflection of the display as you see in the side window. The shape of the reflections looks to be a fairly accurate taking into account the curvature of the screen, which would certainly distort the images of the displays.

The brightness of the reflection is a bit surprising - I would have expected a more obvious relection, but perhaps they toned it down prevent complaints. The stipple effect they use seems to be quite common in reflections in the sim. This is an alternative method to just having a full image at a lower brightness, and would use less computing power to generate and therefore not have so much effect on performance.

You can try adjusting the reflections in the Graphics settings, but this is a trade-off as reducing the level would reduce the realism, and increasing it may affect performance. Probably better to just live with it.

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