Welcome back, IniBuilds A320!

Happy to have it back in my hangar, cannot wait to fly with the awesome aircraft again!


LOL stand by for heavy server slamming. :rofl:


Is this available for Xbox series S/X?

Yes, the aircraft should be available for Xbox users in the Beta :slight_smile:


I was craving this bird so bad. Looks like a busy weekend for me​:rofl::rofl:

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Starting download and installation process on PC .
(I think I have to cancel my date 2n8 :partying_face: )


In choice of aircraft what is it described as - is it NEO?

Yes, the aircraft is the A320NEO version.

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Is it meant to have an EFB?

Yep, it has an EFB :slight_smile:


Smashing that

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A320 and fixed memory allocation, after 3 years I can finally play the bloody game without having to void the addons I paid for, msfs finally seems worth spending money on again, very satisfied


Downloading at 1.5 Mbits/s… this is embarrassing…

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Having trouble with Simbrief. I’ve tried Username and Pilot ID on the EFB options page but OFP keeps saying no Username entered. I’ve tried exiting back to World Map and reloading but no difference.

Anyone got it working?

I’ve loaded the FP manually in the FMC for now.

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I don’t remember previous #14 test builds but It was in FMC? ACARS like A310 maybe?

There is an entry field for it on the EFB but I just checked in the MCDU. Clicked on MCDU Menu Page and tried the two options FMGC and ATSU and everything is now locked up!

No manual yet even though they assured us it would be available at launch. Guess they’re testing the beta testers :blush:


Just logged in to report the same problem, around 50% of the time pressing the MCDU MENU button causes all switches to become unresponsive, last time I tried to reproduce it I even got a CTD


I have the same issue, that the systems are freezing after i tried fill the init page manualy.

Hi folks,

Feel free to use this thread for general discussion and feedback about the Airbus A320neo (V2), but if you are encountering any bugs or issues with this plane, please kindly submit a bug report in the appropriate section of the beta forums.



A link to the manual might help to head off initial issues. During the livestream we were assured it would be available at launch. Maybe this doesn’t count as the launch.

I’d assume it would be added to this page but its not there yet: