Well, at least it’s not CTD anymore - just freezing

My first few weeks after SU6 were incident free. A dramatic improvement after the SU5 disaster. But as of late, while it no longer CTDs, now it just freezes solid, usually on approach. I was curious about the technical reasons why in one iteration it CTDs, and in another it freezes. Anyway, I’m again being pushed inexorably to shelving the thing. I run zero mods FYI. Frustrating… :frowning:

I thought my freezes were related to the Xbox Network - I would go into Settings, Gaming, Xbox Networking - I would Check the connection - invariably it would say Not Connected - I’d Check Again, it would state it was Connected and by that time the sim was ‘moving’ again. It seemed to fix the issue but it would repeat again, during other multiplayer flights - btw that is the only time it froze (during multiplayer sessions).

I also went in and made sure my USB power management settings were updated so that they would never ‘Sleep’ - since I did that the freezing has ceased completely - not sure if that ultimately was the issue but those are the 2 things I did and for the last 3 weeks, not a single freeze, even during and 8.5hr flight and a 4h58m flight.

Fingers crossed it stays that way and fingers crossed this post might help out your freezes as well.


Thanks for the info. I’m running on a clean PC I bought just for FS in July 2020. And as I mentioned - zero mods and default Longitude (that’s the only plane I’ve flown in this year). I’ve never seen a freeze before the last few weeks, and now several. It’s the suddenness of this new problem that has me perplexed. Thank you for your suggestions.

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I had never had a freeze until after SU5. Then every week, during our Thursday streams, it would freeze, usually on an approach or just prior . . . I tried the above Xbox Networking thing and it would at least get me back to flying. But it would still occur . . . then I heard about the USB power management info and I gave it a try. Since then, 3 weeks now, have been free of the freezes. I hope it works for you.

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