Were Season's added in this latest patch?

I just received the latest patch 9/30/20, and started flying to the northern areas of the US and noticed fall folage, unless my eyes are playing tricks on me

The developers said no seasons were included yet, but they are coming later.

Some areas of the Northern US have sat imagery that was shot during fall, Washington DC comes to mind as an example, and some looks like it was shot in early spring (Northern NJ) where you can clearly see the shadows from bare trees but the grass is green.

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Ok, that explains why flying over west VA and PA in the mountains the foliage has some color.

The way they said it, they seem to be coming much later. I wouldn’t expect it this year.

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Well, at least we get snow, kinda…I’m guessing it will be worth the wait when it comes out. I just hope it’s not next summer lol.