Weren't procedurally generated churches supposed to be in WU4?

If I remember correctly, the devs stated in one of their Q&A sessions that World Update 4 would bring procedurally generated churches. I’ve checked a couple of locations in Europe, including France to see if churches are finally in the sim. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any churches except hand-made POI’s or photogrammetry.

I was really hoping to see churches finally in the sim because they would greatly enhance VFR flying. I’m not sure if I misinterpreted the Q&A session or if churches were in fact initially planned but somehow didn’t make it into the release.

PS: Stacks/chimneys would also be a great addition to VFR flying, but these weren’t mentioned by the devs.

Churches were introduced in World update 3, as part of the UK world update.

Yes I was really disappointed to see no church in this WU4. The church for UK are nice, I don’t understand why there is no church for France or BeNeLux

I’ve seen them in The Netherlands.

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