What a demanding program!

MSFS was on my radar slightly. Our home computer crapped out and I figured it was time to get something real nice. So I splurged and got the HP Envy 32 (the 32-a1055 model). 32" 4k screen, i7-10700, RTX2070 8GB GDDR6, 16 GB DDR4-2933 ram, 32 GB NVMe Intel Optane Memory for storage acceleration, Bang & Olufsen soundbar. I love the computer, except the mouse was a POS - replaced that. I didn’t buy the computer to play the game, but dannnngggg. With those specs I would have thought I’d be able to run this program to the max, or close to it. Now I wish I saved the money and built a tower, because I want to run this game at full! And whats the deal with these updates? I’m installing the World #3 (i think it’s called - it has a lot of europe in it). I’ve been installing since 3pm CST yesterday, and it’s approx 6pm right now and I’m only about half way installed! I upgraded my internet to gig, and that didn’t change anything.

The sim will bring any current hardware to it’s knees.


Well, 16GB ram at 2933 isn’t particular the state of art nowadays

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I’ll have to dig around and find out what the MB can handle. But I do know I can go 2x32 on it. So when I can I will def upgrade the memory. Might hire someone certified to do it though since I bought a warranty. Don’t need any headache if things really go bad and I need them

Its hard to see what happens, because when I have my settings set too high it just freezes and I have to hard boot it down. Checking the reliability history isn’t helpful. But I’m sure needing more physical memory is needed… I suppose the Intel Octane ain’t worth “ish”

It may also be a power supply unit not being able to handle the load, but that’s only a wild guess.
Memory is probably a bigger factor.

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It comes with a 330w external power supply, about a 5"x5"x1" brick. Is there a way to test that thing? Are there reliable aftermarket upgrades to purchase? I’m quite sure my ram is slowing me down the most right now…but I do have some intermittent crashes (freezes! I may have had 2-3 real crashes, instead of freezes and full blast fan) that don’t seem appropriate to what I’m doing.

The comp comes with it, here are specs for it: link.

Yea, that’s not a lot. Not 100% if notebook are completely different deal than towers, but I deny to run anything below 600W and I have quite similar hardware, the difference is way more memory and a lot more peripherals. Power can definitely be a huge bottleneck too and is potentially dangerous for your computers stability.


Wow!!! So HP is sending out an inferior power supply? Is that justifiable? Can I buy a better PS elsewhere?

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Wow, that power supply is seriously underwhelming for this configuration.

The i7-10700 has an average power draw of 147W at high loads.
The RTX 2070 draws 215W per design spec.

Both will be running at or near maximum with FS2020.

There must be a ton of throttling going on, to even run this configuration at some stability. You need at least a better power supply, but something tells me this AIO PC has issues with cooling if the load is too high for too long.

If you can, return the thing to HP or try to sell it and build your own rig for less.

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Yep the PSU is definitely need a swap if the HP case allows it. However I don’t think the CPU is running “high load” playing MSFS. It barely uses more than 8 threads except when loading the game.

Also OP can adjusting virtual memory in Windows settings to see if it helps with the freeze and crashes in the short term.

Hold those thoughts on the 330W PSU being inadequate, because the specs here for a similar, if not the same, AIO here https://www.windowscentral.com/hp-envy-32-review says the CPU is a 65W max TDP and the GPU is the Max Q variety, which according to this https://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-GeForce-RTX-2070-Max-Q-Graphics-Card.386281.0.html is a low power version that pulls 90W maximum.

As such, that 330W PSU, although tiny by desktop standards, is actually appropriate for what is essentially a laptop/desktop hybrid.

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Exactly. It was kind of important for you to tell us this was a Notebook computer. You’re already going to be hampered by that alone. While it’s called an RTX2070, it’s not. It’s the laptop version.

Not only that, but you didn’t tell us your hard drive. A 32GB NVMe is miniscule and unusable. You really need to install MSFS on a NVMe SSD drive itself. For which you would need a 1 TB SSD. Maybe the laptop already has that and you didn’t tell us? If you installed MSFS on a traditional spindle hard drive, there’s another killer.

The Graphics card is no slouch, but, it’s no RTX2070 either in performance.

You certainly can’t run this computer at Ultra across the board. You might be able to move a few things up to that, but I highly recommend running it on High settings first. And bump up your speed one thing at a time to see what it can handle.

You can buy / order a PSU online. In your case I would aim for a 650- or 750watt (Gold or Platinum). A few brands that are common are Gigabyte, Corsair and others.

If you have a technical friend who can assist you to mount it, I would ask for his help. Even when I can do these things myself I always leave these things to the specialists.
Together with 32GB of RAM you should be good to go.

He’s running a laptop. The power supplies are keyed to the unit and have special circuitry without which the laptop won’t run.

Are you sure FC5650?

Here also the specs posted in a previous reply.

TDP is not power consumption my mate. Tom’s Hardware clocked the i7-10700k at an average of 147W as I stated in my post earlier. The CPU can also be task saturated with big loads on a few threads. Even if it used all available threads the CPU would throttle down to conform to the TDP.

Are you suffering the download loop? Not sure if you mean you have been downloading for 3 hours or 27 hours.

Watch and see if files suddenly revert to zero progress or if they are repeated. If so, search the forums for ‘download loop’ and see if any of the suggestions help you out (they do for some, not for many).

Good luck :wink:

Your first mistake there is running an rtx2070 on 4k.I run an RTX2060super on 3440x1440 ultrawide and my card is literally maxed out to the extent I have to lower GPU bound settings to gain some fps.My next thing is my ram is 2666mhz paired with a crappy i5 8400 with no hyperthreading,my last intel cpu.That’s also holding me back.As of now I learn to accept and run with it.In my case I do not have disposable income to just make a quick upgrade!

My advice to you get a better rig.Faster ram with 32gb a 3080 if you can even find one @msrp.