What a difference a day makes!


Along with MSFS 2020 I have several other sims installed - FSX and Century Of Flight among them.  So today, just for the grins of it, I fired the two of them up, one at a time, and my jaw dropped.

My memory of those sims was so wonderful.  Unmatched realism!  Phenomenal graphics!  Bleeding edge technology!

Nope.  Not any more.

Compared to MSFS 2020 it was like watching one of those hinkey old black-and-white movies from the 20’s where everyone was moving at 2x speed.  The “real-life 3D cockpits” were hideous.  The scenery was awful, and I could not believe how bad it was.

The truth, however, is that they weren’t bad - in their day they were truly “bleeding-edge”, doing things with graphics that had never been done before - but that was something like almost 20 years ago, and that is a geological epoch in technology years and the difference is astounding.

Yes, today parts of Canada looks like Gozilla’s Breakfast.  Worcester Ma. looks like all the houses sank up to their roofs.  But the thing is - despite the issues - we actually have the technology to do that kind of AI on a personal computer that you can afford in your own house instead of a university somewhere!  Amazing!

I’m looking forward to the fixes, but I am still in awe of what they’ve accomplished so far.

What say ye?


After experiencing MSFS, warts and all, there’s no going back. MSFS is a wonderful achievement.

I really wanted to fly the A2A B-17 a few months ago as I missed it and had not used FS X in a long, long time. After installing it I couldn’t believe how bad the FS X scenery looked (even though I too have fond memories of many happy hours in that sim). Yep, no going back. :slight_smile:


Completely agree with you.
The corrections will arrive and this sim will be even more performing … The problem, not secondary, are also the simmers who approach this simulator without experience on how to keep a PC in use and pouring all their frustration and incompetence on the simulator. At this point in these hours there is a whole sequence on the forum of those who are unable to update the sim correctly.

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The “missing packages” error is a known problem starting about a couple of hours ago, and MS is looking into it

New installs are not currently working.

Unless all of us are just being ‘incompetent’ at the same time.

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I place a large chunk of this back at MS and Asobo’s feet.  We know things happen, but if your release process is so bad you let things through like they have in the Canadian World Update, they deserve all the vitriol they’re getting.

Back when I was a software QA professional, I would have been fired if I let something that hideous go out the door!

Nonetheless, the quality of the imagry is phenomenal when they get it right.  When they get it right, it’s jaw dropping but when they get it wrong, it’s awful!


I reinstalled P3Dv4.5 a couple of weeks ago to fly the PMDG 747 and Milviz Kingair… after installing 100s of GB of ORBX landscape and fighting a number of airports to actually run I remembered I would still need Active Sky. And oh there was this tool that helped with smoothness by changing a cfg value all the time. And then Realturbs. And this. And that. For one flight in the 747 where I noticed that I had forgot at least 3 more addons.

No thanks. No more.

MSFS is far from perfect or just a complete flight sim but it runs so much better with less trouble and effort. And P3D is just ugly. Period.

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I miss the A2A Cessna. I hope they bring that back.


Same here. When I moved to MSFS just after release, I bought a new SSD and kept the disk with P3D so that I can use it again. Nope. Not even once. Despite of MSFS’ teething problems, I couldn’t resist. There was no way going back.
But I also miss the A2A Cessna, the QW787 and the Majestic Q400. I really, really miss them. At least the latter is finally coming to MSFS sooner or later.

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