What about an "Thank You Airplane" to the Community?

Guten Tag fellow Pilots,

would´nt it be a nice gesture from Asobo if the make a nice plane ( A-380, Concord, or something like that), wich they give to the players for free?

I mean a lot work hours are spent by the community, writing and discuss articles, writing bug tickets, beta-testing and helping Asobo to fix their sim.

If you look at the selling price and the slightly bumby relase this would´nt be bad thing to happen, I think.

What type of plane you would wish for, interests me too. :nerd_face:
For me it would be the Concord, I guess.

Thank you for your attention!


Should of made this a vote…that way you might get some #'s to go along with the discussion.

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I believe that Asobo’s time would better be spent with fixing the content they already delivered and adding extra functionality to the SDK so that third party developers can bring you the content you want, at much higher standards than Asobo can.

The default planes are pretty buggy. Almost every single one of them has an improvement mod made by the community. But, at the end of the day, i’m ok with that. I personally didn’t get FS2020 for the default planes. I got it because it’s a platform for future, high fidelity third party content. And this has been the case with every flight sim so far.

But hey, that’s just my opinion.


Wouldn’t you prefer that Asobo focus on improving the base sim platform, and the base world scenery, and then buy a really nice version of the plane you in particular want? Rather than Asobo divert precious time toward making a free plane of questionable quality that only a few people want?

So they’re already working on a new ultralight and the ATR in conjunction with third parties, and they’ve made it abundantly clear that World Updates are going to be free, but the aircraft are paid DLC. A freebie would be nice, but we’d actually be paying for it terms of other features that were sacrificed, or just the time and hassle of using the new plane.

The Concorde in particular would be problematic. Asobo uses 3D scanners and microphones on the actual aircraft to create their models. I don’t think they’d be able to get the kind of high quality source material they use for aircraft that are no longer in operation.

But if we’re starting a wishlist here: I’ll take a North American T-28C Trojan please.


I wouldn’t mind a free aircraft, like that ultralight that will be released this month.

Jorg said that even that ultralight will cost $$$

Better forget free planes

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My opinion,

Before any world update, thank you airplane or other stuff not related to realism,
I just want a simulator which gives :

*optimized stable performance with top notch hardware of our era without stutters or pauses or serverside problems,

*at least one functioning (with all aspects like weather - terrain radar - tcas - systems performance - flight dynamics etc) study level plane in each category,

*aviationwise acceptable environment features such as WORKING and realistic weather engine, better default airports, better night lighting and better LOD.

Please focus on the core of simulator.

Kind regards.


That’s not up to Asobo to deliver, but it is up to Asobo to enable. The JF Arrow is pretty realistic for now, filling a niche in the GA category. A2A is working on their Comanche which will be as real as it gets. PMDG are bringing their 737 over, so that will cover for airliners. And i’m sure there’s a turboprop on the way.
But Asobo cannot deliver study level addons. The development effort required is far beyond what they would dedicate to an addon, not to mention that they would have to pull resources from something that they’re the only ones that can work on: the sim itself.

The weather engine is nearly there. When it works, it works well. They just have to make it work all the time. As for better default airports… how much better do you want them to be? I don’t need or want Asobo wasting time placing realistic garbage bins around airports. We all have ORBX for that, and countless other developers, some of them doing it for free. Why would you want the default airports to be better?

With that I fully agree. Only Asobo can work on the simulator core. They should be concentrating all their effort on improving the core as well as enabling third party developers to bring us better airports, better planes, and better instruments like the Reality-XP series of GPS units.


Yes, of course they should fix the sim first. I was thinking more of an event in the distant future.

Yes, US$ 9.99.

But I don’t trust the MarketPlace enough to buy from there, I wish the items from the MarketPlace were sold on Steam like any DLC.


Yeah a voting would be nice. This was my first post here one the forum. I dont know how anything here works except typing. :slight_smile:

You mean in addition to the, what, 20 planes they’ve already done? Come on.


… and all the free world updates. I am sure there will continue to be many free surprises along the way.

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I think the planes an the World Updates were calculatet from the beginning.

What not has been calculated was that rough start (to say it nice) and the ongoing problems soon one year after realease. A little compensation would´nt be to much, I guess.


Developing a Concorde is ‘a little compensation’? I don’t think that you have the slightest idea what it takes to create a new aircraft for MSFS and I’m not even talking about an airliner, let alone a supersonic one.


I think the next update should focus on nothing but addressing and solving the myriad of issues the forum is discussing.


To be honest, i’d love it if the next YEAR would be devoted to nothing but fixes. As nice as world updates are, i don’t care much for them. I’d rather have reliable weather and a solid SDK.


No airplane needed… PLEASE. Fix the sim!!!


Amen spread the word I cannot even use it atm My 10700KF is doing nothing and my 2060super is in a very confused state.


Surely can only be a few dozen hours work to make all this functional. And not a single computer display screen to get our frame rates bogged down (assuming we can discount the TCAS). Would be awesome in VR!

Perhaps we just need Asobo to continue working towards a solid stable platform.

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