What about contrails?

Seriously why there is still no contrails in this ‘game’ ?

Contrails are really an important thing to work on it above a lot of other things.


Because making contrails isn’t a 5 minute job to just “enableContrails=true” and it’s done. It takes effort to model the contrails properly, then testing them. If it doesn’t look right, they have to go back to the drawing board, look for the issue, fix it. Then test it again.

Do you want them to rush the job, and make it look very weird and unrealistic? Then the next topic you will post would be another complaint saying the contrails look horrible and they did a horrible job.

It’s being developed, it’s underway. Be patient. Let them do their work, and let them do their job well.


What about Contrail’s ? We would also very much like to Land the Icon on a Glassy Lake and get Splashed as we Touch Down.

Where are the Wake Effect’s ?

“It’s being developed, it’s underway. Be patient. Let them do their work, and let them do their job well.”

Ok,… We must be Patient !


LMAO! That; is so true.

Could you elaborate on that? You can’t see them from the cockpit. Maybe you can see them from other planes, but that’s only a minor improvement.

Since we want everything as realistic as possible, I assume you don’t use an external cam view.

Yeah will be great to see aircraft flying high rather than seeing them 2 metres from you lol

And making a game isn’t a 5 minutes job too, you can’t just sell a flight simulator without contrails in 2020.
What we see from the ground when we look at the sky is contrails. This is the thing that makes the sky living.

I mean when you see contrails from the ground you want to get in sky too and make your own contrails.
Maybe it is not an important thing for most of ‘players’ but I bet it’s really important for a lot of us.

I agree that MFS2020 seriously lacks of effects, and this is probably something they could have done before releasing this sim (like A LOT of other things). But they decided to release it in august and not later, and we can’t do anything about it.

Now we need to be patient. Some people can’t play properly until now and devs are working hard to solve their problems which are essential. Definitely more than contrails in my opinion :wink:

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Whether it is released in August 2020, or December 2022… You would still need to be patient either way, right?

Thrust me, I’m not in a hurry at all and I’m truly enjoying MFS2020. I even find thoses monthly improvements quite exciting when they are coming :wink:

But I can also undestand why some people are still suprised by the lack of features they can find everywere else, even in some games whithout any pretention to be a sim.

And there you have hit it on the head for me. There is a massive difference between simulating contrails and adding a visual effect. What Asobo is doing here is simulating a world environment, and accurately simulating the environmental conditions for producing a contrail is not an easy two-minute task. other programs that aren’t simulating things may well be able to do it easier / quicker, but then end up with a mess or something that is just visually represented, in order to simulate its not just creating vapor plooms behind aircraft over a certain height, you have to take into account the wind speed, air temperatures, moisture levels, disipation factors etc etc, and then you have to factor in just how hard its going to hit peoples CPU / GPU to calculate all this whilst flying.

Its on the list that they are working on, and that’s good enough for me.

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In the last developer update they said work on contrails is quite far advanced and we’ll see them added to the game in the next month or two.

All these visual effects will come at a price though and eat up FPS, certainly for those with lower spec systems. I can totally see why they weren’t added to the game at launch.

As hardware improves and people upgrade their systems clearly the sim will be able to afford more and more cool features and nice visual touches that couldn’t have been realistically added to the launch version of the sim.


I totally agree with you, and this is precisely why I’m patient :stuck_out_tongue:
But it seems that a lot of people down here are using MFS2020 as a game, i think this is why they think that’s easy to make, and why they don’t undestand contrails are not done yet.


Man snarky much? I think he is obviously saying why did they not include them, or wake effects for that matter, in the very beginning. I mean it isn’t detrimental to the game or anything, but when they thought of all the other details that they have, it is funny to miss effects of that sort for realism of the game

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@Woden1976 I totally agree. No contrails or wake in water, not to mention wheel smoke on landings. All these things already existed in FSX. Is it REALLY that hard??