What about trains,

Agreed but looking at the way road traffic is implemented I’m not sure it would be all that good. :wink:

On the other hand static trains in places where we have photogrammetry can be very good. Aachen for example…


Would be fun yes, but this would be on the bottom of my wishlist given other much more significant areas for improvement.

Holy hell for the millionth time on this forum, Asobo is a 250 person strong team with many teams working on many specialized areas. The people who would be moddling AI trains are not the same people working on platform stability fixes, or the AP, or avionics etc. This idea that their UI designers, or 3d modelers, or mapping people should just stop working because the avionics team needs to fix the flight systems is stupid and completely out of touch.


I would love to see trains at some point in time, but just like seasons I prefer them to be done well. Not those generic, most of the time out of place, trains you see in X-Plane 11.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the trains (and trams in city areas) would look more closely to their real life counterparts in that region? Here in the Netherlands we have yellow trains with blue accents for example. Would be great if they could match models and colors as much as possible for each region.

And we could have more freight trains during the night and early hours and more passenger trains during the day. Maybe they could even be running on real-life schedules.

Priority wise they will come after many other things for me though. Seasons will be one of them and even that has a lower priority for me.

Seems like 249 people are working new content and one is fixing bugs…


Hi @TARAVOCHRIS, @Ircghost9965

There’s a pre-existing wishlist topic with a good deal of votes. The moderators don’t like additional wishlist topics splitting the votes, so here’s the topic that’s already there:

I hope we all vote for this because I want to see it, too! :slightly_smiling_face:

I saw a Bart train moving in the bay area near Berkeley once… I think that was pre 1.9 patch…

“Lets get the planes to fly in the air without pitching”
“Dont give this jackass dev company any ideas”
Sound like orders to me…
maybe that’s not a sim for you…yet

:joy: humor is often the best approach.

One would think we wouldn’t need third party addons to fix what I would consider minor features developmentally. Features that were implemented 14 years ago in FSX and Xplane. Trains, proper road traffic, roads that don’t have images of still cars baked into them, etc… If they can stream a map of the planet, implement the insane weather textures they have, and use an AI system to generate non-photogrammetry objects down to the roof type, height, and color – trains simply following tracks that are already there, and cars not acting insanely seem like a small feat.

Well, a UI team could be perfectly capable of introducing new features along with new bugs that may have to be fixed by other teams again.
With a central code repository like github, you can focus on releasing bug fixes only , and have other teams continue working in separate code branches that can be merged into one release later on.

I’m all for releasing bug fixes in coming weeks/months.

DSC Blackshark (and probably the other DCS World sims) has rail traffic which is pretty cool. When I was into that sim, I would keep pace with the trains and even touch down lightly on the moving flatbed cars. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure Asobo originally said trains would be in and part of the live traffic system along with boats (also not yet implemented)

I think the ground traffic needs some attention either way, it was much better implemented in Xplane years ago.

Hmmm, let me ponder the necessity of having trains in the flightsim…

With maritime traffic, road traffic, GA traffic, Airline traffic, animal traffic…then why not?

I dunno… I’ve had X-Plane since version 9 and the road traffic, even in version 11, still has some really bizarre behavior. The police cars are a nice touch, even though I have clocked them at over 200 mph before. lol

At all performance eater. But honestly, I would be glad to see real maritime traffic (via API) like https://www.vesselfinder.com/

And at night if they added shooting stars based on real time shooting stars…I wonder if thats even possible.

Not saying Xplane has perfect traffic, we have to expect that vehicles will pass through each other at junctions (AI to get realistic traffic would be way too costly for a flight sim) and that we still get some yoyoing vehicles here and there but at least they don’t pass through each other on the same side of the road travelling different directions, they drive on the correct side of the road for the nation you are in, they don’t fly in mid air, they don’t disappear underground, they don’t spawn in front of you, the headlights can be seen from the air (looks great at night with traffic snaking down the byways in the distance), they don’t climb over crossovers - and we have trains!

The only thing MFS implements better is more realistic cornering. (not jerking at 45% angles)
That is a bit sad it is so far behind something that ahs been around in another flight sim for years when it is so far ahead in other regards.

Not a priority but would nice to some of the basic bugs fixed.

Is that a TBM Avenger waiting for the train to pass?

I’d rather have shipping first - they’re way more noticeable than trains. Global AI Ship Traffic was one of the absolute best mods for P3D - added so much to the immersion. ( almost 200 ship models and vector shipping routes for most of the world )

That being said - it is fun to see AI trains in XPlane from time to time. :wink:

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