What about trains,

I dunno… I’ve had X-Plane since version 9 and the road traffic, even in version 11, still has some really bizarre behavior. The police cars are a nice touch, even though I have clocked them at over 200 mph before. lol

At all performance eater. But honestly, I would be glad to see real maritime traffic (via API) like https://www.vesselfinder.com/

And at night if they added shooting stars based on real time shooting stars…I wonder if thats even possible.

Is that a TBM Avenger waiting for the train to pass?

I’d rather have shipping first - they’re way more noticeable than trains. Global AI Ship Traffic was one of the absolute best mods for P3D - added so much to the immersion. ( almost 200 ship models and vector shipping routes for most of the world )

That being said - it is fun to see AI trains in XPlane from time to time. :wink:

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I was just about to suggest ships. They would add so much to an otherwise desolate ocean. Especially if they went the extra mile and used the legit shipping lanes. Not taking anything away from the train suggestion, because that is a must too.

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We will need a good model of a P-38 or a P-47. For strafing. :rofl:

What about overland VFR?

How about working and realistic ATC, working real weather first? I want to have “simulation” first and a game later.

agree but then ship traffic is not more impoertant thnan train :wink:

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Its all about making the virtual world look like a living breathing space so I too would like to see a lot more in the way of ships, trains and some work on the road traffic too which is a bit half hearted at the moment in my opinion.


Because trains aren’t doing the unpredictable things that road traffic does they are surely a comparatively easy thing for the developers to do? I understand how difficult things like seasons might be difficult to implement, but trains? Even if the trains weren’t perfect from the start it wouldn’t really matter. The road traffic certainly isn’t perfect but it still enhances the reality of the sim, especially from higher up.

Please, please move trains up the list!

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It Sure would. I’ve been building Dublin, Ireland in stages. City is (for those who don’t know), a major coastal European Capital with Irish Sea to east, Connolly Stn. (Nth), Pearse Stn. (Sth) and Heuston St.(west), so essentially surrounded by a rail network with a Tramway System in between. I’ve built the carriages etc. for Luas / DART and intercity but I think there’s yet another strike amongst the drivers, as the,y at the moment are static.

If anyone has a good knowledge of AI protocols, nudge me, and we could work together on a template. I had thought of creating a ‘virtual’ airport, setting ground traffic as the rail network with custom vehicles (DART/Luas/Intercity).

Could be done in FSX…Are we moving forward people?

Agreed. I love travelling by trains. Personally I think you can’t beat interrailing holidays so to see them running while flying would be a bonus. Even if just generic models and not local skins, the routes are already in maps and they are great VFR navigation aids so I’d love to see this included. I know it was mentioned on a dev update post at some point but I can’t remember what said

Furthermore, a Microsoft Train Simulator would be cool.
A good deal of the sim platform is already there.

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