What about VR for everyone?

I created this Medium Article to share some experience and allow users to test MSFS with VR to validate their setup and see how they feel in VR.

VR at low costs

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I’m impressed by your poor judgment!

First of all: I’m running VR on a brand new Oculus Quest 2! I bought it, especially for MSFS!

I created this tutorial to allow users to test their setups without spending 300 bucks on a VR headset without knowing if it will run or if it will get used to it!

Of course, the experience will not be the same as an HMD, but why this makes my “standards pretty low”? I think your community sense is not accurate!

I don’t think people should try VR with a mobile as they will see how poor it is and assume all VR is like that, when as we know it’s much better than that.

I’m also a little confused by the minimum/recommended specs given in the article. Minimum OS WIN8.1? I Think you’ll find you need Windows 10 and 8gb ram is minimum… and this before we look at VR


hey woah, i don’t mean any offense by that :). I’ll be honest i’m a fuc*ing casual when it comes to games. I have Hotas and pedals and steering n VR and buy all the fancy planes in DCS (i don’t have all of them) but i never bothered to learn them, nor do i spend hours and hours playing a single game each day (okay maybe one, and it’s not FS2020). If someone really interested in trying VR, they would do their research about it instead of jumping into the cheapest option they find. Regular VR players is still quite a small community compared to the rest of the mainstream gaming community at large.

I won’t knock someone who wants to give a go, don’t get me wrong. However i feel VR is one of those experiences you need to have quality equipment. I’m not denying the Quests capabilities, but it’ll always be limited due to it’s wireless function (batteries, weaker chip etc) than it’s PCVR cousins. The reason why Index and G2 are able to be as high end as they are is because you have to plug it into a computer to work. Yes, theres a Link cable i know. now you just suffer from the same limitations as Rift S users, albeit at a higher resolution.

You have to keep in mind that 20fps in VR is not a pleasant experience. Imagine the people with sh*tty smartphones and computers trying this. FS2020 barely runs the newest computers in VR above 20fps (depending on headset and configuration)

Please don’t mistake my comments for knockin your guide. The guide is fine. I work at a help desk and i’d say it’s quality work for for a how-to guide. The internet is a big place and Medium is a well traffic’d website. Someone is bound to have a spare $15 and a couple hours of time…

I personally would never buy a Quest 2, but just to let you know… to use it with MSFS you actually have to connect it to a powerful pc via a cable… effectively making it the same as a Rift S


As @G7RTA mentioned, I’m using my Quest 2 with Link Cable, which turns it into a “PCVR” like HMD. Of course, it’s not as good as Reverb G2 or Index, but it delivers a good experience, IMHO.