What about weekly challenges

I can’t remember the last time we had a weekly challenge available, it must be months by now. I can imagine this is also confusing for all the new XBOX joiners. Can we get a response on the planning for weekly challenges?



I’d like to get an answer too. Where weekly challenges have gone?


Yeh i got MSFS when it came to Xbox and there have never been any weekly challenges despite it being over 6 weeks since the Xbox release. I know they changed the requirements of the related achievements to Spotlight events but none of those either. Very frustrating that there has been no communication from devs about this either


There even is a Achievement related to this.

I so would hope that they introduce some soon.
I would like some weird challenges to do.

This and it would hopefully bring some of the Xbox players to try out some new planes.
I know i love to try out new planes. I dont like being stuck with only one or two that i fly. I mix almost all of them up.

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