What aircraft are you excited for in the 40th Anniversary Edition?

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Helicopters for sure.

I wonder how hard it will be to control them, as I struggled in FSX and XP11.

I suspect they will be a bit like the Volocity, but obviously faster, etc


Excited for the DC3 the most. Hoping they include some cool liveries for it. A D-Day livery would be phenomenal. I think the gliders might be fun as well but definitely unfamiliar territory for me.

EDIT: Now that the Curtiss Jenny has been revealed, that’s definitely at the top of my list with the DC3

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I’ve got a couple hundred hours in the decent freeware H125, R44 & fairly bad (flight model wise) H145, so for me it’s of course official helicopter support with the new heli’s & exciting future for heli support, development & integration.

Then the somewhat hinted FSX style missions that might be coming back in some form. They were a brilliant part of FSX & it would be great to see some of the favourites return & the possibilities for new missions are endless. I personally feel they went the wrong path with the Reno DLC but the Top Gun DLC was brilliant. The great popularity & feedback it got showed that FSX style missions were the right way to go.

I made these at release of MSFS a couple years back & hope they can do something like this in time.


I loke the Idea of helicopters but not sure without a proper collective setup. I like the beaver but the floatiak is not far out. Probably the DC3

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The DG Flugzeugbau gliders along with the official soaring support. Also excited to try the DC-3.

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For the Fenix Boeing 737 that will be released on the 42th or 43th anniversary :smiley:

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New Trailer

Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition - Coming November 11 - YouTube

We are also adding four classic airports, including the Meigs Field in Chicago which is a traditional starting airport for the Microsoft Flight Simulator franchise. It is an exciting update full of aviation history to celebrate our community and the beauty of aviation!

In summary, the 40th Anniversary Edition will bring:

  • 4 classic commercial airports
  • 10 glider airports
  • 12 new aircraft
  • 14 heliports
  • 20 classic missions from the franchise’s past

The Bell heli and Spruce Goose!

November is faaaar too long of a wait! :sob:

EDIT: I’m going to need this livery from MSFS '98. I hope it’s included.


The DC-3 and the A310. Always nice to have a classic radial powered machine, and I really enjoy the big airliners too. But really, there seems to be a lot to be excited about, especially since it’s all free!


Dc3 and Spruce Goose. I like the enhanced water effects in the 40th Anniversary video.


Now I am really excited for the A310-Electronic Flight Bag included!

Gimme that Goose.


I’m gonna with all of the above because I’m curious to see if they do the glider airports with ground launch function

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I’m looking forward to the gliders and the helicopters. In order to shorten the waiting time, I have already bought the discus and I am enthusiastic about the glider

The DeHavilland Beaver, DC-3 and the Lindbergh plane.

I wonder if the Goose will fly for longer than 26 seconds and higher than 70ft.

The Beaver and the Spruce Goose

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Yes-I am looking forward to the spruce goose too! That will be fun to fly!

  • Beaver, Goose and Spruce Goose
  • Bell 407
  • A310 and DC3