What aircraft do you most fear to fly in MSFS?

Point of Ap is its safer it reduces pilot workload especially for single crewed aircraft, im talking Real world of course in MSFS entirely upto you


This is why i laugh at people banging on about study level regarding fennix and PMDG, they are not really study level at all as you have to do all the work yourself you’re essentially single crewing which would never happen in real life
Bae 146 is better as using interactive checklist you can get co pilot to do some of the work

Or you could fly these planes with FS2Crew. I never fly the Fenix, FBW or PMDG without FS2Crew (voice control) anymore. It’s so immersive. Bit expensive though, but fully worth it.

I can’t do the default 747. It’s just too…unwieldy for me. :laughing:

But, I absolutely love the 787 and A320 by comparison.

I have a lot of respect for any kind of airliner. Although you might think that the autopilot can do everything, you realize at the latest when programming the f*** FMS that it takes a lot of work and knowledge. And at the end of the day, landing an A310 is no fun either, when the Vatsim controller sends you into 2 holding patterns and changes the runway.

For me, flying those big stuff is too much work and I really miss the chilled beer during the sightseeing flight.

I find the cockpit of the Concord disheartening as everything in there is like a FSX port. I can’t get a refund as the aircraft fly’s fine and causes no CTD’s but after just one flight, it’s in my trusty MSFS rubbish bin, money lost. I just wish there were written reviews in MSMarket… I’ve also been up in real tail draggers and can’t recall the pilot fighting to keep it from crashing on take-off or landing at all, so why this horrid physics modelling in MSFS. A P51 mustang with a beasty V12 trying to twist the airframe, yes. But not a Cub, no way no how.

No fear for any plane because this is a sim and I will be able to walk away after every single crash.
Trying to perform unusual manouvres is a different cookie.
For example: flying through a hangar without being very sure that the backdoor is opened is a bit scary ( near RW31 at JFK for example)
If succesful you’d receive a phone number to call immediately I guess.
Regarding the F-104: I had the opportunity to sit in the cockpit of one in a museum at EHTE and was amazed… How in heaven is it possible to get this chimny in the air, do your thing and bring it back without reaching the breaking news headlines in a negative way…( scratches, or even worse: total loss of hull and a funeral)

Cowl flaps are worth a couple of kts per position, I’ve found, and I don’t remember mentioning “ignore your CHT” - and I wasn’t being totally serious about shutting the enigne off :stuck_out_tongue: as I said, if you’re having problems, slow down and get some draggy equipment ( gear, flaps - just flaps is usually plenty ) out before you start go down. Dishing the props should probably do a little more than it does.

Don’t chop throttles - that one is probably a source of trouble for jet pilots coming over.

I primarily fly on Vatsim and I only fly the A32NX (sometimes the TBM, or lighter for vfr trips). I would love to jump in the 787 or 747, but the MCDU has always confused me (i.e. if ATC clears me DIRECT to a different waypoint). I constantly get confused on how to skip waypoints. Watching video after video I continue to screw something up! The controls and systems I can handle fine. Its just the navigation through the flight comp is what I get jumbled with.

Wondering that nobody mentioned these really early planes yet like the Bleriot or the Wright Flyer (although i’m still wondering why they did the first one and not the third one), although that one won’t go far anyway. But I see why they were so concerned about accidents, barely getting into the air.

Ah yes good point. The Bleriot on ‘suicide mode’, or whatever is called is indeed suicide. It totally slipped my mind for my initial list. I have not even flown the Wright Flyer yet.

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Fair enough :smiley: I just tend to correct these things as there are people looking for advice and take this eventually serious. So I like to put it right.

DC3. I’m using the retrofit versions most times but yet i still end up stalling out, dropping into a tailspin and pulling 6 g’s trying to recover then having this happen every 10 miles is…aggrevating…

Landing the 787-10.

It took me some time to master it, but imo it’s the most difficult stock plane in the sim to grease a landing in hands down, but thats why I fly it. I has become my favorite.

The DC3 is actually quite easy to fly but you have to learn how to.
That means learn MP/RPM combinations that get you the airspeeds you need for the different phases of flight. Then only adjust those in small increments as needed.
The best way to do that is by flying straight and level and then establish the numbers by reducing throttle by 1” and if necessary rpm by 100rpm and then let airspeed stabilize.

Once you have these basic numbers established the plane is really just a big heavy peach.

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Mustang. Very very difficult to get off the ground, had some throttle issues with it as well. Don’t have any significant issues with any other tail dragger, that I’ve tried, Hellcat, Spitfire etc., On the other hand, the Aeroplane Heaven version is great.

Fear is a very strong word, but I find the MD-80 and BAe-146 a bit of a handful if I haven’t flown them in a while.