What Airliner Routes are you Flying?

Hey, Guys!

Really enjoying FS2020 and all that it has to offer. I understand that some of us that like to fly the tubeliners are reverting back to P3D but I can never see myself going back. I own all of the Boeings that PMDG has to offer as well as many other highly detailed airliners for P3D but even the appeal of flying those again is shadowed by the advancements that FS2020 has over its predecessors.

I am a Delta guy and have really enjoyed flying the SkyWest regional routes in the CRJ-700 out of Delta’s hub at Salt Lake City. Although I have never been to this part of the US in real life, the scenery is absolutely stunning and there are some really fun approaches into some of the smaller airports in the area such as Moab, Elko, and Sun City. My next route is most likely going to be Salt Lake City to St. George, Utah.

I use Pilot2ATC, REX Weather, Volanta for flight tracking, Navigraph, Simbrief, Bijan Habashi’s 4 Season Pack (HIGHLY RECOMMEND), Aerosoft’s CRJ-700, and the FBW A320NX as well as some purchased airports.

I work long days and when I get home I prefer to spend time with my wife and 9 month old daughter. My simming time is pretty much only Saturday and Sunday early mornings. These regional routes appeal to me because they can typically be completed in an hour or so.

What airliner routes routes do you enjoy flying and why? For those of you that want to discuss how IFR flying in FS2020 needs work, please use other forum topics for that. I’m looking forward to hearing what routes you like to fly if you share the same passion as I have.


I only fly the CRJ right now when it comes to airliners. I only fly realworld routes and only the ones where i have a good 3rd party payware scenery. That limits a bit my routes but i dont enjoy default airports.

So mainly i fly the Lufthansa Cityline routes from/to EDDM as this is their hub. But also in the US are some nice United and American Eagle, Air Canada, etc… routes. But also SAS has nice CRJ routes in the north of europe and Iberia in the south.

AddOns wise, i search for realworld routes from my AddOn airports via SimToolKitPro and then dispatch them via SimBrief. Of course i have a Navigraph-subscription as well. And yes, i own the Bijan season Pack of course :slight_smile: I also onw REX but im very dissapointed with it and i use the default liveweather instead. Also i only fly on VATSIM so i dont need an ATC tool.

EDIT: I just checked VATSTATS (VATSIM statistics) and these are the routes ive flown online on the VATSIM Network:

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I use Volanta for flight tracking and Navigraph for the updated navdata. But I just use the built in world map to create my flight plan because it’s easy and quick. Then I also use PACX to simulate the passenger experience and I always use Live Multiplayer mode which will lock my sessions to Live Weather and real time. I also use Live Air Traffic. Everything is using built in when I can.

I fly the FBW A32NX with some real airline liveries I get from Flightsim.to

The routes themselves though, I don’t have a preference. Nor am I basing my routes based on real life. I just go with whichever route I feel like, to whichever destination I feel like as long as it’s still within the fuel capacity range ring that’s visible on the world map, and according to how long of a flight that I want to do. Usually during the day, I leave it to fly around 5-7 hours flight while I take off let it cruise and I left for work. By the time I finish, ideally it would be just in time for descent approach and landing.

Otherwise, I keep myself to within 2-3 hours of flight in the evening while I leave it to have a meal or watch a series or movie.

This is the main reason why I don’t use SimBrief because I tend to decide my departure and destination in mind when I’m actually looking at the geographical world map, and I just point and click and select IFR High Airways and choose the SID and STAR. I always fly on max service limit depending on the east/west bound which is automatically assigned in the flight plan.

Then I always livestream all my flights in full length and in real time.

Thanks for sharing. I like how you don’t limit yourself to flying in one part of the world. I have primarily only flown in North America but will start to broaden my route map.

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Thanks for sharing! I will check out some of your YouTube videos. Gotta love FBW and what they have done.

I flew around the world in FS with the PMDG 737’s , real world routes and airlines. Can’t wait for the PMDG in FS2020. I like the planning of the flights because you have to do some research, US and Europe are easy but when to get around the world choices become limited. I used Continental Micronesia to get from Hawaii to Asia, don’t know if that’s still possible with a 737.

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I’m looking forward to the PMDG planes as well. I really hope too that somebody brings a 767 to FS2020. I enjoyed the Captain Sim 767 and would like to see that updated and brought to FS2020.

I’ve always wanted to do an around the world tour but never could seem to find the time to plan it out and execute it.

My favourite plane is the 767, 20 years ago I had to go from AMS to SLC for work, the schedule and airline, DL 767-300 (ER’s) via JFK. 4x 767. Also US Airways to IAD, 2 x 767-200 and a few times Martinair 767 on holidays. I hope this will done by PMDG as well, but I doubt it.

I’m flying the following aircraft:

  • FlyByWire A32NX
  • Airbus A330
  • CaptainSim Boeing 777-300ER
  • Boeing 747-8

The majority of my flights take place in Australia, where I’ll use the A32NX or the A330. When I’m doing international flights I generally use the 777, using the Boeing 747 is pretty rare (I use it for Air Force One more than anything).

I just became aware of this very interesting topic and like to thank @TBHpapa for raising it up and give such wonderful background information to set it into a context.

I have very similar restrictions out of similar reasons and flying mostly the FBW A320NX at the moment. Still not sure if I should purchase the CRJ-700 as I doubt if this would extend my options of routes so much…? (compared e.g. to a possible DH8 or something similar (ATR?) in the future…?). Also of course, I’m using Simbrief, want to make my way into the VATSIM world soon (still using the limited default ATC) and started to use Volanta for flight tracking…

From my point of view I highly recommend some routes in NZ for the following reasons:

  • great possibility of combinations with approx. 1h legs (Auckland to Wellington or Napier; Christchurch to Queensland; etc.)
  • always very scenic flights
  • spectacular approaches, especially into Queensland, Wellington or Auckland - but also Napier or Dunedin (e.g. if its foggy)
  • some pretty demanding approaches (non-ILS), especially Queensland (both directions) or VOR-Approaches into Napier etc.
  • great Airport Scenery as freeware from flightsim.to for most major cities in NZ
  • and finally I also like the liveries from Air New Zealand and Jetstar which are available for the A20N