What airports would you like to see in the marketplace?

I frequently purchase a number of airports on the marketplace and love them. Would love to see Toronto, Montreal, Grand Rapids Michigan, Quebec City and some others n Greenland done eventually. How about you guys and gals?

LIRF- Fiumicino

KSNA - Orange County (John Wayne)

The surrounding area looks great in photogrammetry but the airport itself seems to have a generic terminal building instead of the distinctive cylindrical terminal roofs:


WIII Jakarta, and WSSS Singapore.

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BER - Berlin Brandenburg

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Spanish airports in general, particularly the Canary Islands.

Extremely popular vacation destinations in Europe. Aerosoft had a good collection of them for previous generations of the sim, and it´s taking long for them to release a new FS2020 version.

I already have Barcelona, Ibiza and Gomera, but really looking forward for Tenerife (north and south), and specially, Malaga Airport, which is a mess in the default FS2020 scenery (missing one of its runways).

Step by step, we will get there…

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