What am I doing wrong default a320 neo ap

So standard ils approach

Everything working fine say 300/500ft above ground I disconnect ap by pressing Y to land my self instead of the plane slamming into the ground but nothing happens. I can also turn it off in cockpit view and still nothing, then plane continues to slam into the ground with force ….

Do I need to turn off approach hold or flight director as well as the auto pilot ??

Also today I noticed when I disconnect auto throttle it keeps coming back on with very little input into the throttle ( I know it turns on when applying full thrust )

Any tips or advice very welcome


Can you elaborate a bit more.

Prior to disconnecting AP on an ILS approach, I’ve already got the throttles set back closer to idle, but auto throttle is still engaged. When AP is disconnected, the 320 continues at the trajectory and descent rate pretty much as the AP had been managing.

I basically cut throttle at the threshold and flare prior to touchdown.

Explain your slamming into the ground situation? What speed are you doing?

Yeah; it sounds like maybe the A/T isn’t disconnecting? I believe it still stays on when you disconnect the auto pilot. For me I will disengage the A/T by either pressing the button or idle the throttle before flare.

What you are doing wrong is not educating yourself on how the autopilot and autothrottle work on the Airbus. I suggest 10 minutes of googling for basic info.

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Most times when I’m landing I’ll leave the auto throttle until the last minute at around 130-135 kts

Look at the video in this link it does pretty much the same as that https://www.reddit.com/r/MicrosoftFlightSim/comments/qhtpqq/a320_ils_me_again_why_does_the_airbus_go_down_so/

I also do disconnect at before touch down either by the button or by pressing b so they go to idle

The only thing I can think now is when am disconnecting auto pilot I also need to disconnect the approach hold separately otherwise it will still work after disconnecting auto pilot ?? Will have to try this next time I’m on

Maybe try starting in the air near an airport, and landing without ever turning on the autopilot at all. Does it still do the thing?

I don’t fly 3rd person, but looking at the HUD, in that video, you can see the elevator trim make a massive correction, presumably, when the AP is turned off. That is going to massively upset the aircraft’s descent.

I’m unsure why that would be unless a peripheral is being used that, when the AP is disconnected, jumps the trim to a position reflective of where that peripheral’s trim wheel is set.

I don’t have this issue with my Boeing yoke.

That or you (and the individual in the video) have Assistance(s) turned on that are making aircraft flight surface changes automatically. I don’t fly with any assistance, nor have I ever — it makes no sense to me, they don’t exist in the real world (well, 737-Max… and look what that did), so it makes no sense to learn to fly with some weird AI inputs taking away control and causing the pilot to not understand why their aircraft is behaving as it is.

We need to learn to fly the aircraft without them.

See if that is what is happening for you.

I’ll have a look at my settings but I’m sure I have zero assistance when flying. Just the taxi ribbon but anything could have changed

That is how I’m setup, too.

I’ve heard stories of the settings being changed after doing some of the training exercises, but I don’t know if that is actually true.

Hmmm. Everyone above pretty much has you covered. I used to smack into the runway hard too. It’s nerve-wracking.

Now I don’t usually disconnect until under 100. Usually like 50. Perhaps if you try it under 100 you will start to get the feel for doing your flair.

Used to do my own speed and leave it to Autothrottle now.
Is throttle is in autothrottle position?
Do you also use engege speed break and go to reverse thrust on touch down?