What am I doing wrong - TBM 930

It’s always an approach issue with me that goes t–ts up.

When Im nearing an airport and descending, ATC will tell me to descend etc, I’ll try this by using VS, low usually less than 400 fmp, and then I start getting a landing gear warning, the trim goes haywire and hits the deck, I struggle to control things and then stall and overspeed and the bird burns :frowning:

AP seems to loose a grip of things and switching it off or on makes no diff, off helps a bit but by then I’ve completely lost any semblance of control.

So, the Landing Gear Warning will appear, when you are to near to the ground or your throttle is on idle while flying, without the landing gear extended. Make sure, to extend the gear when hitting the 2500 feet Radar Altitude, but make sure, you are waiting for this indication while flying the final approach.

The aircraft pitching up on its own, could be the stall protection or something to avoid hitting the ground. 400 FPM aren’t really much, so just make sure you don’t reach stall speed and you extend your landing gear early enough, to not let this types of protection kick in.

If you are absolutly sure it’s not a piloting mistake and bug related, submit a ticket to Zendesk.


this can sometimes be caused by having other AI traffic on (multiplayer and live AI). Turn both of these off and see how it goes. So far, i havn’t seen this issue and I fly the TBM all the time, but, the issue does exist and i’ve seen many posts about it.

Also, look in the USB game controller config screen in windows 10 and check that your joystick/hotas/peddles are not glitching . Sometimes extreme inputs can kick the AP off.

Throttle Grasshopper.

Thanks guys, I’m pretty sure it’s a piloting error and not a bug, especially putting the landing gear down earlier I’ll try all of your tips but I deffinately need more time flying!!!


Also, kee a close eye on your airspeed. 85kt is the approach speed in the TBM 930 Pilot Information Manual, so don’t let it drop too low.

Unfortunately nothing advice wise works, once it hits the bricks and I need turn off AP etc to try to regain some semblance of control, I have no control, all I hear is landing gear, landing gear, and I cannot even increase the throttle, it’s always in the red and nothing I do can give me manual control again, engine switches off, need to restart, OMG!!

I think I need to go back to the 172 :smiley:

sorry for this stupid question, but this happens as you extend flaps to full (LDG) ?
Extending them to full automatically engages the landing gear warning and also bleeds off ALOT of your airspeed (too much), if you dont compensate for that you will surely hit the reds and stall.

but probably not the case since you mention you cant even increase the throttle, and engine switches off. Sounds like scary times.

No, I don’t touch the flaps at this point. I’m going to try again today on a much shorter flight and save the game / flight just before I try to land to see if I can replicate the problem.

Can you maybe record your issue this time? Uploading it to your Google Cloud or Dropbox and using a private share link? Could be very usefull for our troubleshooting and also, for the Dev’s if it’s a bug, that needs to be reported to Zendesk.

Sounds to me like you’re having a general problem in managing the speed of the aircraft, someting that is essential in all faster airplanes. Maybe you should have a look at Squirrel’s video - it’s about an ILS Approach in the TBM and you can have a look at his speed- and flap management especially. We don’t have a proper documentation for the ASOBO TBM and it is a bit off the numbers from the original POH, but you should lower the flaps to approach below 178 kts (flaps down - nose down, so trim accordingly). When established on final put the gear down and on short final -when in the white band of the speed tape - choose Flaps full (flaps down - nose down, so yes, trimming is of essence, especially here). Let the speed drop to 85 kts, trim the aircraft so it doesn’t need much input for maintaining your glidepath and cut the power over the “piano bar” of the runway, flare and you’re done! Flying a high performance aircraft like the TBM is done “by the numbers” and not so much by intuition. That’s with other aircraft too, but a C172 is a bit more forgiving.

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Hi also check your options menu for pilot flight assist and make sure " assisted landing is switched off " I had this issue earlier on where i couldn’t increase my throttle and crashed lol so now after every update i check all my options to make sure nothing has changed back to default settings.

Are you also seeing warnings on your CAS when this happens? If so, please share. I have a suspicion as to what it could be, but it depends on whether you’re getting CAS warnings or not.

Thanks all, I’ll have another try. In my frustration I downloaded XPlane 11 to try, and boy is that a magnature more difficult to master than 2020!!

2020 really setup my Thrustmaster Warthog really well and I could pretty much use if from scratch, XPlane not so much!!

I’ve also ordered up a Honeycomb Alpha yolk as I really think I should be using a yolk now I have the sim flying bug big time!!

Also make sure you are not in revers thrust mode.
When activated the thrust lever only goes backwards or stays in idle position (causing the landing gear warning)