What am I missing here ? Were is all the alternator current going?

MSFS 2020

C172 Classic … On the Ground, everything off , except battery & Alternator.
Engine Running … Throttle Min or Max ( no difference)

Battery Fully charged, (or will be after a few minutes running like this)

Issue: Ammeter reads “Charging” almost 60 AMPS !! …

Everything on the main bus is OFF, so the current cannot be going there.

So, even with a fully charged battery, MSFS’s simulated alternator is still “PUMPING” almost 60 amps into the fully charged battery … - Poor battery, not going to last very long !!! (and they are not cheap )


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i’m pretty sure swollen batteries are not good for anything they’re plugged into.

I’m no pilot but troubleshooting is pretty similar whether it’s a plane or a computer. Do you get the same behavior with another battery plugged in? If not, your battery is toast. If so, you’ve got an electrical problem of some sort. A sensor or something.

Once again i’m not a pilot, but i hope this helps.

The Electrical Problem is that the Alternator should not put out a current based on it RPM – that curve should be the MAX Current the alternator can output, if required, NOT, what it outputs all the time :wink:

Sounds like a regulator issue to me.