What am I missing ? (Kudos to the devs)

Up until now I have ignored the cry-babies and trolls but just putting this out there as I’m sure I can’t be alone in thinking this.

I must be living in another universe to many of the whingers. No crashes, no major bugs, no lock ups and it’s running with hardly a jitter on High settings on an ultra-wide display (3840x1600) on a mid-level PC (GTX1070, i7-8700k, 32Gb, installed to my SSD, internet connection c.49Mbs). I didn’t do anything special (I did have 1 false start on install day - hardly a surprise - where it didn’t get past the blue line, but my 2nd attempt worked). I just installed it then started playing it, it just worked “out of the box”. The s/w has not crashed once in nearly 30 hours of flying (unlike me !!). Even my modest controller (Thrustmaster HOTAS X) was recognised and worked on start up with no need to configure anything extra (I’ll wait until I’ve played longer before I start re-assigning keys for my preferences).

Maybe I’m less demanding than some but I have been gaming since the early 80s, ZX81 with wobbly 16k RAM pack - rubber bands anyone!, BBC B, Amiga etc. I did briefly flirt with MSFS on a PC in the mid 90s but couldn’t be doing with all those blue rectangles and green/grey triangles. So this MSFS 2020 release seems almost miraculous to me. Because of this background (anyone remember Elite in B&W wireframe on the BBC B??) I may just be less sensitive to minor transgressions and issues and occasional slowdowns. But this is streets ahead of any competition out there for the money. There will be bugs, and irritating omissions for some, and yes, some people have been unable to get this running for one reason or another (quite possibly their h/w, s/w, mods, settings, internet etc.) but my own experience of this has been nothing but smooth, and with what I would consider a mid-range setup.

I don’t get excited about frame rates, after all I’m not playing some twitchy FPS/COD/Fortnite where that really matters, this is a flight sim/game (delete as per your preference). If occasional 20 vs. consistent 30/90/100+ fps is making that much difference to your ability to fly this s/w what on earth are you trying to do that needs reaction times that could be impacted by that ? Or are you just too focused on the numbers and not on the experience ? And if those pure numbers really are important to you, then spend the money to upgrade your system (I suspect I will have to when the HP Reverb G2 arrives in a couple of months !!). PC gaming has never been a cheap activity if you want the best experience. If you have a good setup (better than mine) and are still struggling with frame rate then I’d politely suggest you have something configured wrong on your system. Personally, I think that the 32Gb RAM makes all the difference so that would be my first upgrade if you’re on lower.

I also recognise that there have been many moans about the various failures of the auto-pilot system. I don’t use it myself… for me, to buy a flight sim to play for my own amusement and then engaging auto pilot feels a bit like buying a 4k OLED TV, turning it on and going out for the day. I bought this thing to fly planes over spectacular scenery, and to feel pure joy when I manage to land without bouncing along a runway. I’m guessing for others pretending to be real pilots and trying to exactly copy a real flight step-by-step, it is more of an issue, but I’m sure that will be fixed in time. For now why don’t you just enjoy the active flying part of the sim, which to me (non-pilot admission here) is where the fun is.

This isn’t (yet!) an Xbox/PS experience, PCs have always held challenges for gamers and developers alike as they are hugely diverse in h/w and s/w. PC owners have always had to tinker and tweak from time to time to get something running well (kind of part of the fun, otherwise we’d have gone the way of the big Apple by now). Things have become much better in recent years but we still need to remember that we’ve all set our systems up differently, so the fact that something this sophisticated does run so well for so many (the quiet majority I suspect) in so many different scenarios is amazing.

We live in a very “entitled” world where everyone thinks that their minor issues are the most important ones, and feel the need to SHOUT about them in every forum to anyone who will listen… you can almost hear them kicking, crying and screaming to their mummies as they bemoan the fact that the world is clearly out to get them. To be clear, I have no problem at all with people pointing out the issues they have found in a constructive way to allow the devs to progressively address those issues (I’ve submitted a few bug reports myself, missing Faroe Islands airport, incorrect heading issue), but let’s have less of the vitriol, less toys thrown out of prams, and more recognition on what has been achieved here, alongside patience for the devs and 3rd parties to make this even better. I for one am happy that I have been given the opportunity to enjoy this experience, and it’s still early days so I’m very excited about the future of this.


Although you and I and many others are glad it was released and are enjoying it, there is no need or value to pick-on or name-call those who, in light of the very many bugs, are experiencing problems, disappointment and angst, and therefore have a different perspective. Cheers.


Within the first two sentences you have managed to squeeze in cry-babies, trolls and whingers.



Everyone seems to have forgotten what a bonfire Xplane and P3D have been in the past and how long it took for these to be sorted (and some things still don’t work); we are talking years, not 9 days.

There are 3 problems-

  1. Released too early - but I’m glad to get my hands on it as it is working very well for me

  2. Peoples expectations are ridiculous. 9 days to fix all the bugs is not realistic

  3. Communication could be a lot better. the Xplane dev blogs are fantastic and describe in detail what works, doesn’t work and what they are doing. MS could learn a lot from them


Sums it up though.

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As I said, no problems at all with those reporting bugs, or even expressing disappointment in those bugs affecting them… it is the vitriol from some towards the devs (MS and Asobo) which has been expressed. I think people need to get a reality check and I wanted to state that there are many of us who are not having major issues, don’t think it was released to soon (if you wait for perfection it never happens), understand the reality and history of PC gaming (and where this sits in that spectrum), and think it’s pretty amazing so far.


I think there is a very fine line between picking on a group of people and defining them as coming off as entitled. Yes, we all paid for the game - ranging from $1 to $120 - and each have their own expectations. That, however, does not entitle anyone to bash or belittle the entire development process the title has gone through, let alone a week in! There’s constructive criticism and then there’s outright oblivious whining without any nuisance of understanding the complexity behind MSFS.

I totally understand the frustration that comes with not being able to play or install the game you’ve either paid or waited months for (or both), but some posts really do come off as entitled, oblivious whining. They perhaps may not intend to be, after all this is all textual and hard to understand the real attitude behind the poster, but it also doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what is being inferred.


No squeezing needed, it just came naturally… sorry, may be getting old and grumpy myself :wink:

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Here is the thing a lot of people don’t really consider. The game was not built for today but for tomorrow. This game does not run 100% , 100 fps on any computer today. This Team has built and building a Sim for all of us with the future in mind. It’s going to take a lot time for them to iron out all the bugs but again day 10 of Release. It’s only going to get better from here on out not worse. We are not going down hill but plowing right up a mountain that has never before been climbed. This coming year is going to be magical!


I have almost an identical setup to you, except a 1080ti and an 8750k OC to 4.7ghz. I too had the same 1st time misfire, but have been generally happy so far, perhaps the biggest gripe I have is the FOV stretching things (Sky and buildings) It is early days, and there are many talented devs out there who are already rolling out stuff for this, so kudos to them as well.

I only wish I could contribute, but its not my line of expertise! I lock my frames at 30 fps. I also am not sure why folks are trying to get 60+ fps either. The human eye cant detect frame drops at 25fps (SMPTE standard) Motion pictures have been using that standard for decades!

So set your GPU frame lock in nVidia CP to 30 and enjoy the scenery!


Totally agree… so often people forget that long term reward and steady progress is often better than instant gratification. This is a foundation, a very good one, and will only get better as long as the community continues to support it. I’ll take a few glitches and hurdles for that

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Suspect there’s a graphics card update in my near future when VR is switched on… I’m hoping with the RTX3xxx release the RTX2xxx series might drop a bit in price as I’ve got my eye on a 2080super (ever the optimist)

@Angernerve, as a Moderator told me when I said something like that - “well, people need to vent, and that is part of the purpose of a forum”. I’ve come around to accepting that. Cheers.

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Well said, works great for me as well, no crashes, lock ups and smooth as silk.

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Me too. Zero crashes after 25hrs. Few bugs here and there but nothing major. Btw I am flying the Airbus mostly and on autopilot. Yes it has some small quirks but so far it’s only my pilot skills that have killed me in the sim. :slight_smile:


Sticking to something much smaller, the SR22, and trying to airport hop around the world with unlimited fuel set off (currently somewhere in the wilderness in Newfoundland having started at London City. Haven’t tried any airliners yet, but that’s next !

I think the vast majority aren’t experiencing problems. I haven’t (0 crashes, no installation problems, etc.), and I also have a mid tier computer.

We just don’t hear praise as often as we do hate (leading to cognitive biases both good and bad - “this game do ■■■■!” or “simmers complain a lot” when really, we might only be hearing from the loud minority - which I can’t prove either because I don’t have the statistics behind the game nor can I read everyone’s minds).

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I have been very pleased with the Sim, loaded on the first day with no issues, had one crash to desk top after 50+ hours of flight time. It did take around 20 hours to get everything set to my system and running at a constant 40-60 FPS and I will continue to tweak on it as I go. Does it have some bugs YES, but I agree give them some time as I will be flying for many years to come.

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I’ve yet to come across that one, I’ll take my chances on betting my opinion is just as valid venting as theirs. :slight_smile:

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Playing Elite on the BBC B in my mates garden all summer is one of my favourite childhood memories.

Agree 100% with everything you say.

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