What app for msfs to replace avitab (x-plane)

hello. with x-plane and avitab I have a map on a tablet in the cockpit in VR. I would like to find something similar for msfs in VR. Thands. Cloclo

Closest thing I have found is eBag (eBag (Electronic Flight Bag) also works in VR » Microsoft Flight Simulator) , but you may also want to look at the Navigraph Toolbar (requires subscription to Navigraph).

Thanks Jeld I will try (e bag ) .
See you later and I will tell you what happens

Also if you use Navigraph they have a panel install that works awesome in vr.

Sadly the developer is no longer maintaining this app. Can anyone confirm that it is working in the latest version of the sim?

I loved having AviTab in Xplane in VR.

With Oculus, you can do something similar like this:
Before going into VR, I start a browser window with whatever tabs I want (I like having SkyVector and Google Maps)
Once in my plane, I tap the right menu button on the Touch controller to bring up the Oculus screen.
Scroll to the far right of the Dash to find a plus sign (usually hidden until you scroll it). Click that.
That allows you to choose the browser window which will appear in front of you. Grab it and use the thumbstick to bring it close to you and resize it. Place it where you want it (I put it on the passenger seat). Click the thumbtack icon to pin it.
Press the Oculus menu button again to exit the Oculus screen but the browser window should still be there (if you pinned it correctly)
To be able to navigate the browser window, I have a mouse next to me with a button programmed to Alt-Tab which I can use to activate that window (otherwise the mouse cursor doesn’t work on it).
Other than the mouse for the SkyVector window, I fly completely using VR controllers (well except for my CH pedals).

There’s an app coming out this year for MSFS that’s able to work in VR. Works exactly like avitab and has an offline mode.

Sky4Sim Pad - Sky4Sim: Microsoft Flight Simulator toolbox addon

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Try this:

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