What are achievements good for?

After I successfully went through all of the four bush flights, I took a look into my pilot profile. There I realized, that three of the bush flights got badges in the left column and 100% to the right. When I click on one entry, I can “assign the reward to a slot”. There are three places at the right side and one big one to the left. That is good for four achievements, not more. Right?
So, what is this assignment good for? Sorry, but to me it looks like a little sticker collection page. This kind of collections I am grown out since decades, so maybe someone could coach me, what to do with all of these?

Next question about the latest bush flight over Alaska. It is not presented in the achievements list. Will that happen at a later stage, or is the achievement list growing out of service?

And finally, my list at the top right of the profile page has informations about landing challenge, currently at 0/26, bushtrip 4/71 and training 10/10. While landing challenge and training are as expected, the bush trip data indicate according to this logic, that there are 71 bush trips available. Where are the others, or will they be available somewhen in the future?

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Achievements are just some challenges that you can use if you run out of inspiration for what to do next. They’re just virtual goals you can complete if you’re interested. They functionally don’t do anything.

The bush trip data is wrong indeed. It’s showing the legs on the right side, and the completed bush trips on the left. Just ignore it. If you’re 4/x, it’s completed.

Nothing if you don’t care about them. Something if you do. Simple as that. I never look at mine.


Bragging rights.

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Given that this is the ultimate sandbox “game”, I find that achievements offer some motivation but overall matter very little to me. It’s a thousand times more intriguing to use a career addon, one of the many that are out there (I use On Air Company and sometimes Self Loading Cargo) and these give me all the motivation that I need. For aspiring, current or ex real life pilots, MSFS offers a means to practice their skills, so I assume they have little use of in-game achievements or career addons. But for the rest of us who’ll never get into a GA airplane, it’s career addons or nothing (at least for me).

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