What Are Cold and Dark Starts?

Hi, I’ve searched far and wide and have seen a lot of discussion about ”cold and dark starts” but can’t find anywhere explaining what it is…can u please help me


Welcome to flight simming ! It just means starting with the plane completely shut down… hence the cold engines and dark cabin. Lots of learning to do but it is part of the enjoyment. Don’t get discouraged and watch a lot of YouTube videos to get up to speed. Search the forums.

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You’ll pick it up fast. I did so I know you can too!

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Thanks guys! I definitely watch a lot of YouTube videos and do a lot searches, great information out there!
I was stuck on this one, thanks for your help!


For me, this part starting from C&D is mega fun. I’ve got a computer background and have loved buttons, switches and lights since I was little. Following along with a detailed tutorial using PMDG’s 737ng (in FX) was what being in heaven must be like!


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Learning how to start and leave from a gate is my next step, it does look like fun!

Thank God for YouTube tutorials!

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