What’ are some “quick wins” that Asobo could knock out relatively quickly/easily?

I’ll start with 3:

  1. Let us save our world map settings preferences. For example, I don’t like that clouds are enabled by default. I want to see the airports unobstructed.

Currently, if I want to do this I need to change the setting every time I boot up the sim. I imagine some folks like to see the IFR world map by default. It shouldn’t need to be changed every time.

  1. Allow us to “favorite” aircraft. With the number of aircraft in the sim climbing, it can be a slog to sort through not only every plane, but every variation of the plane.

In the store, we have the ability to “heart” items for a wishlist. Just do the same thing in the aircraft selection menu.

  1. Allow us to clear out the “New” locations on the world map. My world map is filled with icons and I can’t remove them without clicking on each one (hundreds if not thousands) to “mark as read.”

I see so many threads with great ideas that should be relatively easy to implement fall through the cracks because they didn’t get 500 votes and they never make it to a wish-list that’s visible to all.

Edit: Emphasis on “QUICK” meaning “should not take more than a couple people more than an hour or two” to do. “Fixing weather” or “Update Photogrammetry of the entire continent of Africa” wouldn’t fall under the definition for the purposes of this thread.


Fix DLSS blurriness.


Airshow smoke. The Extra, the Pitts. Even my T-6 from the Reno pack has a smoke switch that can’t be used. It’d make the aerobatic planes much more worth flying. There’s nothing like doing a loop and flying back through your smoke trail.

Another thing, the ability to organize aircraft in the menu. It’d be nice if my bush planes were together, vintage together, fighter jets together, etc.

  1. A quick flight button as soon as we start the sim that set us up in a random airport. Maybe random aircraft too.

  2. sensitivity profiles specific for the aircraft we choose.

  3. implement Shift+z feature that we had in fsx without need of mods.

  4. make METAR weather implementation optional, i can use meteoblue only to plan my flights (maybe not a quick fix).


As an explore when playing the sims, the weather is one of top priority… get rid of METAR!


you could also just use the “custom” option for the weather and choose the preset “clear skies”.
Leave the METAR for those who enjoy it


Instead of removing METAR derived weather entirely, implement it better, improving the blending with Meteoblue.


Well no i like the dynamic weather, so at least have as optional!

Number 3! Oh yes… I thought it was just me being ocd. (or cdo, in the correct alphabetical order)
I spent ages clicking on them all when I first got the sim, then the whole globe reset after a world update…


VR mirror on the monitor being just one eye and no black borders (it’s very simple to code as I’ve been told by a VR dev, literally five minutes!)


are there already exsiting topics in wishlist for each of your points ?

I mean, creating a topic which collects “million” of “ideas” is ok, but will end in a “big list which nobody can handle” , and therefore exist the #self-service:wishlist category and for each whish a topic :slight_smile:

There are then also prios at these whishes. Whats from that points is realy “easy to implement” we never know and I hope developers not only decide based on prio, instead they decide also base on “what can we quickly deliver and makes sense” :slight_smile:

I’m not a programmer, so what I think of as a ‘quock fix’ may be anything but! With that caveat, I’d love it if the devs could give Series X simmers the option to run the sim in ‘performance mode’, where smoothness / stable FPS is prioritised at the expense of resolution, draw distance etc. This could just be the option to use the Series S graphics settings that already exist.


I totally agree with you. That’s why I started this topic:

But even if an idea does get 500 votes, like this one, it still doesn’t get implemented:

From all indications, Asobo must be extremely resource constrained. Like, totally overwhelmed to the point of frustration.


Cloud edges in VR

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  • being able to ride along as passenger or co-pilot.

  • better model matching.

  • prevent spawning on runway with multiplayer setting ON.


Good question.

  1. Go back to the original weather engine and start again.
  2. I’ll second an option to pick favourite aircraft and even favourite airports from which to start. We’ve all got a home one for GA, Turbos, Jets and airliners haven’t we? (Clacton/Eight Ash Green/RAF Wattisham/Southend in case you wondered)
  3. A GA setting for type of flight in the map so that ATC don’t try to give you FL150 as you take your Cirrus out of the shed.

Yes. I have seen these asks for several years now with no action, much less acknowledgement from Asobo. These are basic things a dev doing internal quality control should notice on their own. When they are repeatedly asked for by the community without even acknowledging that we’ve been heard, that leads to frustration.

With respect to priorities, we have no idea where most wishlist items are on Asobo’s to-do list. Only the very short, slide in weekly updates that is frankly stagnant and/or outdated for months.

How long could it possibly take to make a “save settings” button on the world map? That seems like a very simple task that could be done in an hour or less by a professional game developer.

Eliminate the performance loss that comes from popping out a window in the sim (like PFD or MFD). Apparently it was fixed and now it’s broke again.

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The weekly updates have frankly become incredibly lazy and uninformative. It’s a rinse and repeat template that doesn’t address these threads that have garnered large support.

For once I’d like to see an expanded, consolidated list that matches the activity in the forums. If nothing else that to see that the devs have actually taken note of the discussions that are happening.

Same with bugs. Most bugs that are reported don’t make it to the weekly update list or the “known issues” page. An example is the myriad of Achievement issues that were marked “Bug Logged” but the devs knew nothing about.

I can be patient with Asobo, I know it’s not easy to develop and maintain software this complex but the communication has to get better and aggregation of logged bugs into a list showing priority and status needs to happen.

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I don’t know if that’s a quick fix but as a fellow Xbox user I totally agree and would happily trade resolution and draw distance for a fixed, minimum frame rate.