What’ are some “quick wins” that Asobo could knock out relatively quickly/easily?

the METARS are just a “reading” of the Live weather at specific weather stations. They are not a “weather system” on their own. Then, my apologies, but i don’t understand what you mean ?!

I mean that since the introduction of METAR in su7 the weather system in the game has degraded a lot.


To be honest, i only experienced twice, problems relative to the weather. And that was actually very recently, both times. Once upon landing at EKCH, the skies wents from almost clear to scattered clouds 4/5 in one blink of an eye. And second time was upon landing in EGLL outbound from EBBR. I did notice from FL210 a very strong winds at sea level when flying over the channel ( the waves looked huge/deep even from 21,000ft) But at FL210, nothing extraordinary, just normal winds for that Alt. But upon landing at EGLL, the surface winds increased fast between 4,000ft and ground lvl, to almost 200kts.
But otherwise, never had any noticeable probs with the weather

I wanted only mention, that this topic here will at the end may be a big list of “quick-wins”, but it is a list which nobody can handle. If the wishes already exist in forum, you can made it easier for developers / moderators / etc. , which read here and try to collect information , : you can link the existing wishes and then we can speak about "whitch wish is possible a “Quick-Win” and so the developers can may be re-sort some work.

And trust me " such a little save button " is often more as its sounds ( I hear such sentences so often at work from our ‘not development parts’ : “it is only… bla bla” :wink: Example: all relevant parameters have to stored somewhere in a format x and in such a way that its not break other “saves” , stay compatible, etc… We just not know whats necessary and so we not know what is realy a “quick-win”.

At least I’am happy that somewhat like the “wishlist” exist in generally, but I also know that some wishes will never be delivered.

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I think you’re misunderstanding the intent of my original post. I don’t plan to compile a list of links from the entire Wish List forum corresponding to other comments in this thread (not even sure how I would do that) for the purpose of a hypothetical conversation with the devs to help them prioritize.

To your second point: It’s already clearly implied but if not, my apologies, that by “quick win” I mean a relatively quick win.

Adding a save function to user settings is standard practice in not only games but in user-facing software in general and should be relatively easy to implement. A task like overhauling the entire ATC system (something often requested on this forum) is significantly more complex and could and will probably take several years to develop and implement.

Users can see the differences in scope between those two asks without being a game programmer, would you agree?

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Get Blackshark IA back under contract to fix the world wide water up the shore and sunken dock and boat problem. This has been there since day 1. (Also fix the bridges so AI traffic knows where the roadway is).

Getting them under contract should take less than a day since a contract existed previously.



Offer reversion back to SU8 for those that want it .
I realise it is impossible and will never happen but I would sure enjoy the great performance gain just for a month or two just to see if I was imagining it all as I am starting to forget just how good it was for me.

Interesting. I didn’t even know that they were not under contract anymore. Do you know what the back story is on that?

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That is speculation on my part based on the fact they have not been mentioned in the monthly Asobo presentations since the program release.

Maybe the forum administrators can shed some light on this.

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They did the heavy lifting converting satellite imagery into the 3D world we fly in. I’d be interested to know as well when exactly their contract expired and why it hasn’t been renewed or expanded.

DLSS was implemented that excludes any benefit for AMD users.

Please implement AMD FSR 2.0 that benefits ALL users.

Why DLSS was implement first I don’t understand…

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For me, DLSS is still broken.
Gauges are still blurry when enabled.
I thought they may have tried to fix this on this update…

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will we ever have something more advanced than simple METAR weather around airports?

If i created sim weather i would also simulate automated weather stations in the sim that observe the simulated weather and write METARs to be used in the sim

Those weather stations could also be manned by users that want to practice be an observer.

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  1. Add Some smaller airliners like a319 neo sized aircraft and regional jets like the crj 200

  2. 3d light houses, and marinas

  3. 3d amusement parks because I’m tired of those flat images

Some sort of walk around mode lets you inspect the aircraft for any structural damage to the exterior with the addition of a small flashlight for night hours. Honestly, it would really add to the immersion.

I understand your point, also the idea behind quick-win… it’s just that we can not decide whats as view of the developers realy a quick-win. My hope is, that developers already decide which points of the existing wishes can be “quick-wins” and not only implement whats on top of the list. I also understand the point that most users think they can decide whats possible to quickly to implement, but as my life as developer I know there is often a huge difference in “story estimate” beetween customer vs. developer. Some times its the same estimate, some times its completely different. Of course is your example clear, the ATC looks much more complex, but that makes the smaller story not necessarly to a quick-win.

And then there are the other users which write " my wish is on top of list, why is now the wish 499 developed first ?". The developers can never do the correct decision.

But in generaly , as mentioned, I hope such a “quick-win” view to the wish-list will be already done from the developers :slight_smile:

Add UFO´s over Area 51.

Well, there’s a clear favorite for me.

Fix the SAVE system that already exists and is SUPPOSED to work but doesn’t, so that if you LOAD a flight you actually get to the SAME place in space and time, with the correct plane state and flight plan as when you saved that flight,
Then add a trigger that creates an auto save every 10 minutes. Not only because it is convenient, but also because it signifcantly reduces the impact of the next 100 CTDs that might occur, and CTDs WILL occur in this sim until beyond 2030, there’s simply no way around it!

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  • As mentioned above, bring back the Shift+Z stats from FSX.

  • A pause option that actually pauses the sim (again, like in FSX)

  • Reduce the number of clicks/button presses needed to remove the GUI, in order to take screenshots.

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and auto-save where we left off so we could restart a long flight…like real life.