What are those keys assignments?

Hi all,

Although any commands in the sim are functional with the mouse, it makes very hard to find their name to map them on devices . Help appreciated

  1. Carb heat on/ off. ( I use a slide potentiometer for this)

  2. OAT ( putter air temperature). Nane of the command in the sim.to display the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

  3. Timer ( stopwatch). Name of the keys to reset/ start and stop the timer?

  4. Fuel cut off ( in/ out) in the Cessna.

  5. GNS530: which command to flip between COM and NAV ?

  6. GNS530: which commands to use the right dual encoders ( the ones to enter a flight plan or a destination).

  7. GNS530: name of the key to have a map zoom in and out?

I need all those maps to be able to use my hardwares.
Thank you for the help

FWIW, “Teach a man to fish…” :slight_smile:

Controls / Keyboard

Select “Search by Name” and Filter “All”.

Several of what you’re looking (carb heat, temp) don’t appear to be defined.

“Selector” and “nav” are useful but not assigned by default.

Thank you for your reply.
My question was not phrased correctly.
I know how to find a command but i don’t know how the specific ones that i mentioned are referred?

I assume that they exist if the mouse is doing something