What are toga buttons?

What do they do? How to configure them?


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To/ga stands for takeoff/go-around. It’s a button that basically tells the auto throttle to set power for either of those modes, depending on if you’re taking off or landing.

If you’re taking off, for example, you’ll hit the to/ga button and the auto throttle will engage and put the engines to takeoff power. After that the auto throttle will manage the throttle for the rest of the flight, if you have it programmed in your flight management system.

The button is often on the side of the thrust lever. If you don’t have an analogous button on whatever control system you have, just use whatever button or key you find most convenient.


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A reason more to go flying

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Now which aircraft have autothrottle capability??

Thanks — go flying.

Airliners, Longitude, (not sure CJ4)

Note: Airbus doesn’t have a TOGA button like Boeing. Airbus has a TOGA throttle detent instead.

Thanks. I think I’ll have to live with that – I don’t want to spend another $70 for Airbus throttles for my Bravo Throttle Quadrant – spent so ■■■■ much money already.

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It’s not just for auto-throttle adjust. It will also configure the auto-pilot for a missed approach on some planes. The C208 models a GA button on the throttle but I don’t know if it works or if it should be there. I think some other GA aircraft have it as well, maybe the Bonanza?



Please, it does absolutely NOTHING to the AUTOPILOT.

Excuse the shouting please :smiley: However it’s an important misunderstanding. What you see moving around on the artificial horizon in the PFD is the pitch an bank advisory of the Flight Director. Pressing ToGa for example in the DA40 or DA62 will bring the Flight Director in ToGa mode showing you wings level and pitch advisory. Of course, being on approach and maybe having the Autopilot activated, will lead to the AP to follow this advisory but with the button you will absolutely do nothing with the AP. It is a Flight Director mode to advice the pilot. The AP is just a brainless assistant moving its muscles that will never ever have any authority. And the button will never configure anything for a missed approach, on any plane, that’s the pilot’s duty.

So: the ToGa button brings the Flight Director into Takeoff or Goaround mode and will as well bring the autothrust system, be it FADEC or Autothrottles or what ever into an equivalent mode.


You’re both on the right track. Some aircraft activate the missed approach segment.

That being said, I’m not sure if the FMA will annunciate the missed approach navigation right away, or only show wings level and pitch

No, TOGA is only a takeoff/go around mode, nothing else. A missed approach path might be programmed into an FMS or a flight plan and there are customer options that will activate LNAV on some aircraft at a save altitude but this has nothing to do with toga. toga stops when something else gets activated, it will however not do it by its own logic, that’s an FMS option.

The CJ4 (Working Title Mod) doesn’t have autothrottle. However it has FADEC and the Thrust levers have a Take Off and a Climb Detent, “below” is the Cruise mode.

The TO detent will set the engines to Full Take Off thrust. In initial climb you pull back to climb, like in Airbus. The climb thrust is dependent on the current altitude.

But there is no autothrottle, so you have to monitor your speed carefully and adjust manually throughout the whole flight

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