What are we expecting from the keynote speech today?

We know Microsoft (Jorg/Seb) will be giving a keynote at 5pm EST.

Are we expecting it to be about FS24?

Or will it be just a open speech about MSFS in general?

I’m thinking mostly the latter, with just a few words on FS24.

I’d sure love to have a true unveiling of FS24…

Guess we will see in 4 hours…


do what i do and keep your expectations low

This way regardless of what news comes out, you’ll be pleasantly surprised

Or horribly outraged given the response to FS24.


Where can we watch this online?

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Hello @Wayzegoose,

The keynote will be livestreamed on our official Twitch channel. We will also upload it to our YouTube channel afterward for anyone who is unable to watch it live.

Thanks to the FlightSimExpo organizers for allowing us to stream this freely to our community. If you’d like to support FSExpo and watch all the other seminars this weekend, consider buying a FSExpo online pass (USD $15).

The MSFS keynote starts at 5:00pm Houston time (2200 UTC) on Friday, June 23.



Will we receive a notification for twitch stream?

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Hello @crazymaherm,

If you follow our official Twitch channel and have notifications turned on (the bell icon as shown in the screenshot below), then you will receive a notification from Twitch when our broadcast goes live.




Perfect yes I’m already subscribed thanks

Is this working for anyone? I clicked the link but it just takes me to a flight livestream? Anyone actually watching the keynote?

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Get in there, mate.

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(4002) FlightSimExpo 2023 - Livestream with Flightsim.to - YouTube

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Omg amazing news so far!! So hyped!
“Microsoft asking me for help!” Sound issue :))
Crazy great news!! I am extremely happy now!

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I’m annoyed they sat on that information between the teaser trailer and now. It’s naked marketing rather than consumer focused.

Lol. Some peope just want to be annoyed.


The new sim sounds incredible! I’m sure some people will still be able to post negative threads about it but the machine learning and 2D out of 3D algorithms might completely rejuvinate the whole world and make flying over familiar places all new and exciting again.

Can’t wait to see what my beautiful county of Devon, England looks like, the granite tors on the moors, and the coastal cliffs should look much better.


It’s been what, two weeks since the trailer dropped, and this event was at the horizon back then, so this was the perfect stage to do this. Reach as many people as possible, why do it in a blog post or just a random video when you can take the centerstage and stun the audience. We as a group are bunch of jumpy cats who get excited very easily and then moan about it.

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I would not have shown the teaser trailer back when they did. That’s the way to do it.

XBox is huge for this sim. It was an XBox event. I think they said something like 12m people playing the sim which is approx. 10 times the number FSX reached. If they pump the first info out at XBox to build a buzz and that works for them then great. Otherwsie just have some faith - I can’t at this point see any realistic reason to not believe in the goals MSAsobo keep assuring us they have - unless it’s just trolling.


At a global Xbox event, where the majority of their userbase is. That trailer has over a million views on Youtube, but you wouldn’t have done that. Good to know, thanks for telling us.


Exactly, they did what any company who knows it audience should do, announce a trailer emphasising its gamified elements to the Xbxo audience, then talk about improved physics, ATC and machine learning at the flight expo.

Being able to communicate the right information to the right people in the right way is an important skill, thank God,Jorg has it.