What are y 'all using to replace progressive taxi?

I like to start out from the gate or parking, and unless I’m totally missing it it seems that there is no progressive taxi in 2020 within the ATC.

I do see the on screen windows flashing up to tell me to follow the on-screen directions, but the ONLY thing it ever tells me is that I’m exceeding the 20 knots sped limit, it doesn’t give me directions.

Is this correct? Do I need to start using airport diagrams?

Is there any other alternative?

  1. Make up your mind if you really need the ATC. In it’s current state I don’t see that remarkable improvement over FSX ATC. Maybe abandon it.
  2. Take a quick look on the map (shortcut V) and decide for the quickest path you desire to the runway that works best for the present winds and your aircraft.
  3. Taxi along that path



When you request to taxi from ground control, it gives you the full route to your runway. If you come up to cross a runway that is in use, the ATC will tell you to halt. I’m not sure what you mean by progressive taxi.

Thank you mdilauro, that is what I was looking for!! Man this sim could use a users guide.

Progressive taxi was in FSX and P3D all versions, it’s a yellow arrow/line that tells you how to stay on the taxi route that the ATC assigns you, you would get your route from the ATC and then an option would pop up in the ATC window options called “Progressive Taxi”. Apparently it’s called “Taxi Ribbons” now and has to be enabled from the “main menu” options rather then the ATC window… lol

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Frankly, I was never using this. Since it is a simulator, I consider it part of the challenge to pay attention to an issued path and then accomplish to follow it. Of course you need an airport diagram for that. This is fun.


As mdilauro pointed out, it’s under Options > Assistance, but it would be nice if it was also an ATC option that you could request on an as needs basis. I leave the setting off, but there are some cases where I’ll turn it on, like if I’m at an airport where the taxiways don’t match the real world ones (so using a chart doesn’t help), and the weather is foggy, so it’s hard to zoom into the signs.
Usually I try to pull up an airport diagram on my iPad and follow the taxiways that way, but that doesn’t always work for the airports where they don’t match, so requesting it from ATC is a nice way to simulate reality (although an actual simulation would have them give you step by step instructions with each turn, or sending out a “Follow me” car, instead of painting a line, but I digress).

For anyone curious, progressive taxi is something that you can request from ATC in real life. It’s outlined in the Aeronautical Information Manual 4-3-18 b.3:

  1. If the pilot is unfamiliar with the airport or for any reason confusion exists as to the correct taxi routing, a request may be made for progressive taxi instructions which include step-by-step routing directions. Progressive instructions may also be issued if the controller deems it necessary due to traffic or field conditions (for example, construction or closed taxiways).


Well, at least at airports already eqipped with this, it is also available as an iluminated guide along the taxi ways.

For me those giant blue arrows are not a problem, as long as I can completely delete them from the screen. But I’m afraid the problem is more serious: there is still someone who hasn’t understood the difference between a children’s video game and a simulator for flight enthusiasts. The screen must be clean. For example if there is a hud it must look like the real ones (see XP as an example).
Is it possible that the Flight lesson of 2012 has not been understood yet? Sorry for the outburst, I’m starting to love this simulator and I really hope it can grow in the right direction.

I agree. If you are interested in a simulator, then expect to teach yourself how to use airport charts to then be able to follow taxi instructions. That is the fun to find in a simulator only.

Yes, but the taxi way names are not correct as per charts and maps?

That I would challenge. I was flying form Munich and ATC told me to Taxi to the runway via D…well the whole route to the runway sould have been via D -N43 - N - A1…so quite a lot of taxiway missing there…

In such cases, we certainly have a problem at which we would need MS/Asobo to fix it.

Guys please don’t get me wrong here. I am not saying it is not very ok to use that feature. Just thinking that this can’t be the eternal workaround for errors in the scenery regarding taxi groundpaths and naming of those taxiways. Yet of course we can’t expect to get a world full of thousands of airports without the occasional error in something trivial like a taxiway designator…

I don’t mind the taxi assistance, but the big blue chevrons really ruin the immersion. I think a nice thin green taxiway center line that strobes a few yards in front of the aircraft to show the way would be better.

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Totally agree with you saguarian4. It’s not like I can’t see the blue chevrons. No offense MS, but the chevrons are huge and arcadish. Something smaller and more professional would suffice. Btw - many airports do not have all the taxyway indicators (signs). Truly loving the sim though, MS. Ty so much for all the hard work thus far! :sunglasses:

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edit… just to clarify… this isn’t a question about the SDK, its about how the ATC/Taxi is expected to work

Hi, I am trying to create a replacement airport using the SDK and I am running into a problem setting up the taxiways so the ATC makes sense/works and I am starting to think the ATC/taxi guidance juts doesnt work well.

The situation I have is from the Parking/Gates, you taxi to a Taxiway (A) that has a hold short before accessing the runway, but you then proceed along the runway to the threshold and hold there for takeoff clearance.
I would kind of expect to go to the hold on Taxiway A, get clearance, then proceed to the take off position, then get take off clearance, but all that ATC gives is one hold short interaction, if I do it at the end of Taxiway A it immediately gives take off clearance, if I wait until the runway threshold I get Runway Incursion warnings … should I just give up trying to make it right on the basis the game ATC is just broken?