What are you guys favorite aircraft of all time that you fly with MSFS 2020?

PMDG B737,
FBW A320,
Default F/A-18E,
Beechcraft Staggerwing,
Default King Air 350i,
Freeware FK9 Mark 4

These are the ones I visit on some regular basis.

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Just Flight Turbo Arrow III.


Mostly the 172 steam but occasionally, the 152. For low slow sightseeing I also fly the freeware MW6 quite a lot.

I used to fly jets a lot more in FSX, but have only flown a few hours in them so far in MSFS as there is so much to explore down low and so much scenery available on flightsim.to

World updates are great for me as they can keep me busy for weeks exploring new areas. I always look forward to them.


C172 G1000 NXi
CJ4 WT-modded
TBM 930 WT-modded

172 G1000. Its small but capable little aircraft with a lot of very nice navigation features and a modern digital cockpit.

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HPG H135 helicopter. It’s Free! Easy to fly at any speed below its 110kts max and will land almost anywhere. Needs only one file added to the Community stuff.
See my Arizona H135 on YouTube.

Extra EA-300

Airbus A320 Neo

King Air 350i
Cessna 172
Diamond DA 62

Fokker F7
Beech 18
Savoia Marchetti

My top 10 aircraft that i fly in the sim:

Flights by aircraft type

Cirrus SR-22 (SR22 ) 446
Eurocopter AS-350 AStar (AS50 ) 320
Piper Turbo Arrow 3 (P28S ) 234
Cessna Skyhawk (C172 ) 196
Mooney M-20 (M20P ) 176
Beechcraft Super King Air 350 (B350 ) 161
Unknown (??? ) 141
Socata TBM-9X0 (TBM9 ) 124
Eurocopter EC-635 (EC35 ) 120
Cub Crafters XCub (CC19 ) 84

Still waiting for the 757

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Probably, for all time:

  • Modded TBM930 w/WT modded g3000
  • WT modded CJ4

Other favorites:

  • RY Modded Turbo Bonanza G36
  • C172
  • Kodiak (just getting into this!)

I hear great things about the C310 & C414 so I’ll probably add them later this year.

Any regional airliners that come to the game because I love doing short haul flights

In real life if I could own any aircraft I’d choose the Tecnam P2006T

PMDG 737-700- as realistic as it gets. Having the ability to use the actual Boeing manuals is a real thrill. The FMC manual alone is 300 pages.

TBM 930 - my go to short flight and sight seeing bird. Learned how to use the WT G3000 by reading the Garmin manual. Stevokenevo taught me the rest.


Favs right now - Trislander - Beech Twin 18, Grumman Goose, Islander and the Longitude.

My most flown aircraft the last couple of months: Fenix A320, Mig-21, HPG H145

Airbus A320 neo
Embraer Phenom 300E

Just Flight Piper Arrow (mostly the Turbo II, but it varies a bit)
MilWiz C310R
JP Logistics C152 project.
Flying Iron Spitfire

Which one I pick depend on the type of flying I want that day.


Mines the flybywire a32nx, mainly fly that because I like to copy real life routes and it’s the closest aircraft to the B737 in terms of short haul routes