What are your opinions of the colors of the sim?

I wouldn’t say everything is okay myself.
Everyone is entitled to their opinions offcourse, that’s why i started this thread to see what others think.
I tried correcting colors in reshade but there is so much it can do, and it does it globally unfortunately.

Left side is MSFS, right side is Reshade
I tried correcting it a little bit, can’t get favorable results yet.
Really hope Asobo revisits the color grading of the sim when it comes to balancing.
Maybe collect alot of samples from real shots and start from there.


IMO definitely looks a bit washed out now and something about the trees in the distance looks a little grainy to me also. I use a 4k HDR tv if that makes a difference. I have tried some color correction with NVCP but have not been able to get it back to the way it was pre SU5

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Maybe we should start a wish list vote thread :slight_smile:

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As a designer myself it does look a little oversaturated in places and in turn it looks a little off.

I think the problem arises on clear days between 12 and 3 when it’s quite bright.

There is deffo a need for some colour correction imho. I tend to change the weather to tone it down a bit

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The reshaded grass doesn’t look realistic IMO.

How about that one:


There is already a request for color adjustment here. Please go and vote.

We need the ability to adjust colorspace, not just ask for it to be ‘fixed’, because we perceive it differently and are using a wide range of different types of screens etc.

I find the ground colors very bland and undersaturated compared to real world from altitude. I also find the vegetation is (for the most part) too blue. I’ve used an image editing package to adjust your screenshot in the lower left corner. This looks way more natural to me. I used a tone map adjustment to move blue to yellow (particularly in highlights) and then desaturated a bit. Desert textures mostly seem to be okay.


I think it depends on the place in the world you are flying and on the time of day, time of year and weather.
For example in Austia and Southern Germany I find the colors mostly very pleasant in spring and summer and in the sunshine. However, since the light in winter is quite different, which MSFS manages to simulate only to a degree, and since vegetation looks completely different in winter, I think the colours are to green in winter. Also during very bad weather in summer, this dreary bad weather vibe doesn’t work as well as in real life :slight_smile:

Another example is the Canary Islands.
They doesn’t work very well, because all the Bing aerials are much too green and brown. All the areas where you can see volcanic material - that in real life (depending on age) is black, dark grey or oxidised brown - looks completely wrong. This is especially noticable on the Southern part of La Palma, around Mt. Teide in Tenerife and especially Lanzarote.
There’s a set of aerials available for the Canaries but they are about 10,-€ each for every island and that’s too rich for me.

I do not think this is too much of a dealbreaker. This is more or less cosmetics and I don’t really fuss about it. After all as I stated above the way it looks to the ■■■■■ eye changes with weather and season anyway, and if the Canary Islands really are to green for me, I just pretend it’s the tint of the cockpit window in combination with my sunglasses :wink:

That’s one of the points I was trying to make: left side looks like spring or summer (without a draught), right side looks like winter.

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How about that one:

The thing is like others above said, it changes per region and season.
But it looks incredibly off the way it is vanilla at this moment.
My reshade isn’t perfect but it represents colors a bit more natural for the netherlands where i am.
Maybe it should be a bit more vibrant in that setting tho.

I’m sure Asobo is smart enough to tackle this issue and work out a proper fix.

Agreed! That grass (and everyting else too, pretty much) is virtually photorealistic to me.

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What looks ‘incredibly off’, the picture with the Glassair?

no no, the colors of the sim at this moment :joy:

Well, when I’m flying over the airfields I know, the colors look incredible realistic to me.
Especially on a slightly hazy morning.

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the morning’s dusk/dawn etc look quite nice.
It’s just in bright daylight it’s oversaturated.

Just tested. Can’t agree, but I’m pretty sure that the monitor and monitor settings are playing a signifcant role.
I’m using a high quality RGB calibrated monitor.

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I am a designer, i have a calibrated 4k IPS panel.
but it’s obvious that for you it seems fine as it is, that’s your opinion and i respect that.
quite alot of people including myself find it to be off.

yes it looks more realistic than XP/P3D etc, but that’s not a standard hehe.

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Try flying around the isle of man.
Then you will see drastic colours :airplane::joy::joy:


I don’t think grass is too green at all, if any I would say it should be greener.
When I fly over Gran Canaria or la Gomera I expect to see everything with a vibrant green, yet it has been tonned down to a greeish green

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I can’t remember its name, but it was a third person adventure game, where in graphics settings you had 2 choices for colors, one was called “American” and was over-saturated, and the other one was called “European” and was more realistic (at least from my french point of view). I found that funny :sunglasses:

So yeah, I guess devs should give us the power to tune colors like we want! :slightly_smiling_face:

I think the colours is attached to the weird lighting/brighness thing they have going on. So hopefully it all gets fixed. Its a huge downer on an otherwise beautiful looking sim.

Based on the recent eye adaption thing…Asobo should probably take Stevie Wonder off the visuals Q&A team…

Good point with the colours in the sim. Indeed in some places colours appear too intense (sorry for the non-colour specialist expression). Also, some monitors allow changing colour saturation, brightness and contrast to create a better image, depending on place, and time of day. But I’d concur that a colour settings feature in MSFS would be very nice to have. And in the same menu perhaps also seasonal adjustment (probably mentioned in some other thread?).