What are your opinions of the colors of the sim?

I think the colours is attached to the weird lighting/brighness thing they have going on. So hopefully it all gets fixed. Its a huge downer on an otherwise beautiful looking sim.

Based on the recent eye adaption thing…Asobo should probably take Stevie Wonder off the visuals Q&A team…

Good point with the colours in the sim. Indeed in some places colours appear too intense (sorry for the non-colour specialist expression). Also, some monitors allow changing colour saturation, brightness and contrast to create a better image, depending on place, and time of day. But I’d concur that a colour settings feature in MSFS would be very nice to have. And in the same menu perhaps also seasonal adjustment (probably mentioned in some other thread?).

hasn’t come across as oversaturated to me. recalibrated my screen, looks generally really great.

If not by taste, they should provide the means to calibrate the colors in my opinion, at least for the following reasons:

  • The mere fact not every single monitor, and not every single VR headset even more, are calibrated the same.

  • User calibration further shifting the colorimetry

  • Monitor usage and wear over time

  • Ambient lighting whether using the game in daylight or in a dark room.

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It’s a funny discussion. I can’t even recall how often I thought when flying IRL;
Look at this weird scenery, colors and clouds. If it would appear that way in a flightsim, everybody would complain about the totally unrealistic colors etc. :joy:

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I honestly find the colorimetry well done in FS2020.

Their tone mapper, their auto white balance, etc… are doing really a great job compared to the simulators I otherwise use. There is however one thing which is affecting 3D but even more VR which I’d like to see addressed:

[BUG/FEATURE] Implement a metering system better suited for VR

Having said this, I believe the main problem with the “colors of the sim” beyond personal taste, is just that not everyone is using the same monitor. If not for altering the inherent game colorimetry implementation to make it looking more like IRL, I believe the need for being able to adjusting it is more a question to adapt it to our displaying devices first and foremost.


It not only but also very much depends on ground photo imagery. Some parts of the world have a greenish tint, others, especially photogrammetry scenes appear to have a brownish look. So color correction should be done first at “Bing level”.


Even PG areas vary a lot. Amsterdam has a purple tint, while Paris looks more yellow ish. All the original ones have a brown tint indeed and don’t blend with the surrounding aerial imagery.

Aerial/sat imagery varies a lot as well, in Australia you have parts of the desert where chromatic aberration is baked in in the imagery, rainbow colors at sand dune edges. Then you have images from different seasons everywhere. Baked in shadows that look very off when flying at a different time of day than when the imagery was taken. There is still a lot to be done server side before you can properly calibrate the colors displayed in the sim.

The color balance is better on a HDR screen with HDR enabled than in SDR.

Also there is some basic adjustment of post processing available in usecfg.opt.

Some people prefer to fly with colorgrading=0 in the usercfg.opt but you need to make that file read only for that to stick.

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We have now reached peak ridiculous. Take a photo in Australia on a sunny day, it’s going to look very different than a photo taken on a sunny day in Ireland. Light is not globally consistent so saying the grass is too green is nothing more than a subjective opinion and will never be consistent across millions of individual users. Colour editing options… this is a game, not Photoshop.


yet they got it wrong in many parts of the world :man_shrugging:
just because it’s a simulator and not real doesn’t mean we should be content with it being bad :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s actually a thing that is doable, not tech limited


Did you read the DM’s post?

Light is definitely not consistent, I think everybody here knows that, but if there is a consensus that something is off, then people are entitled to bring that up.

Allowing the end user to adjust light, contrast, Saturation, & hue related settings would allow us to make it look more accurate to the users own eye, their monitors, the geographical region, or just because they may feel the grass is too green!

I for one, feel like the whites are too blown out.

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Blown out whites are unfortunately quite common (and even more pronounced in VR headsets). It could be the source material has white clipping or the textures are heavyly compressed to save data bandwith.
For example mountain rocks often look boringly white while even not snow covered.

Like most of the others, they’ll just ignore it. :frowning:

I’d love to see grass colour looked at but grass shades are different throughout the world. It’s not as simple as adjusting one setting. Flying around Australia the other day & realised just how off it looked. The photogrammetry colours looked great & realistic for it to then suddenly change to a horrible deep, dark green in the autogen area’s, which is most of the world.


I am a pilot and you have absolutely summarized my opinion on the colors of this simulation, the colors of the sunrise and sunset are absolutely not representative, the clouds are much too gray, during sunrise and sunset the clouds are much too orange, a lot of things to improve


light in reality, not in the game… good grief!

I just dial back the saturation/contrast/gamma a bit and I’m happier. The sim looks great on TV however…
That being said, I think the lighting engine needs a lot of work- and that also contributes to the colors we see in the sim. The best times are sunrise and sunset, but I’m really not impressed with midday or night lighting. Especially when flying jets at high altitudes. There’s a lot of room for improvement.


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