What are your plans for multiplayer ?

@ModeratorTeam having a little trouble to formulate a good question other than what kind of plans there are to improve on the multiplayer side of the sim. Feel free to edit my question if you feel it’s necessary.

I think that the always online feature is great but I’m missing some kind of interaction, mostly due to the fact that it is very hard to communicate with others you encounter during a flight.
I get that you’re able to create your own friend group flights but what if you just randomly happen to encounter someone and you’d like to fly along. A chat function would be nice there (tune a com frequency to enable?)

Also, I think there is a lot more that can be done to stimulate flying together or doing missions or flying with eachother on the same plane.
I know there are possibilities to do so with some mods/discord/external sites…but are there any plans on this to make it easier and more engaging to do something together?

An option to join people in the sim, from within the sim. Chat, share a flight plan, work together or anything like that I would greatly appreciate.

Can the team share some of their views and plans?