What are your top 5 essential add-ons?

What are 5 add-ons you simply cannot live without?

Here are two other great TOP threads to add to as well:


Here are my 5 addons, in no particular order…

  1. FBW A32NX
  2. FSLTL Traffic
  3. LVFR A321neo (with/without FBW mod) :wink:
  4. WombiiActual Duck :slight_smile:
  5. WombiiActual Ducks AI Traffic

What can I say? I love ducks!

  1. Air Manager
  2. Navigraph / Simbrief
  3. MSFS Popout Manager
  4. GSX Pro
  5. AIG

Being a community manager why would you open this thread if we have this one:

Baracus250 has been compiling an mantaining a ranking of aircraft for MSFS for a long time with a lot of hard work and in a very clever way.
Maybe you didn’t know about that thread and can now link to it?

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To me this makes sense as this is meant to cover all kinds of add-ons, not just aircraft? I have responded in the aircraft thread, but I will post here as well because I do have more non-aircraft add-ons than aircraft in my top 5.


That could be a good idea then I would suggest to rename the thread to “What are your top 5 favorite non-aircraft add-ons?” and leave a link to the aircraft thread where people can post their top aircraft for the sim.

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This is for all add-ons! I’m very aware of that awesome thread thank you!


It’s nice to have a CM soliciting feedback. Thanks. For just software only (both in-sim and ‘external’ to the sim), I would say:

  1. MSFS Add-on Linker
  2. Navigraph (Nav-data only for me)
  3. FSLTL injector and models
  4. Little Nav Map
  5. Puffin Flight We Love VFR 1&2

6.*) FBW A32NX

*I can maybe technically “live without” the FWB A32NX so I put it 6th, but I would be miserable…

  1. LittleNavMap
  2. FSLTL Traffic
  3. Simbrief

(only three)

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I’m up for a Combo Chart! :slight_smile:
This will focus the mind hehe.

I suppose mine would have to be:

1. Got Friends - Wilga
My “joystick” plane. So good!

2. WB Sim - Cessna 172 Classic Enhancement
My “yoke“ plane. For serious flying. With the Boris sound mod - that counts as 1 entry, right?

3. Mamu Designs - Marinas
Adds so much perspective to coastlines. Not worldwide (yet).

4. RealVFR - Plymouth Sound
Very high quality Photogrammetry, terrain and 2 new airports in 40km squared area.

5. Aerosoft - Simple Traffic
I don’t go to “big” airports often but when I do, it kills it for me seeing those generic and Asobo skinned passenger jets. I don’t need the Full Monty of AIG (or maybe the new Just Flight one that came out today) so this is enough and in a small and easy to use package that it just lifts the realism “enough” for me.

I need a helicopter in my life too but undecided which one yet. So many planes I would like to add but honestly those two would see me happy(ish).

I would put Addons Linker, but if we are only allowed 5 things then there is no point in having that! It should be number 1 though.

I would also like to add my local small airfield (Payware by Burning Blue Designs) but I could live without it I guess.

So, who’s keeping score then? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

BTW, I do also run a World Enhancements Mods chart and a Top Airports one (as a Google Sheets doc), but I won’t link them here (you can find it if you want! :wink: ).


Seeing as I commented favourably on the need for this thread. I thought it would be rather weird if I did not offer up my favourites so this is it. In considering my favourite favourites, I ended up principally with add-ons that are more “system wide” enhancements that I use essentially every time I use the sim or fly, rather than one-off unique aircraft or airports. So my five:

  • Little Navmap
  • Add ons linker
  • Bijan’s seasons
  • My one favourite aircraft mod: the Bonanza G36 enhancement mod. I used to own and fly a Bonanza in real life, so this one is too good to pass up on.
  • Airports: I ALMOST went for one of Airworthy Design’s TCNM, FSimstudio’s Vancouver CYVR or Pilot’s 2NC0 as all three are beautiful. But in the end the extensive enhancement of the Misty Moorings’ Pacific Northwest (my home area) seaplane bases got the nod.

I love the sim and I am fortunate enough to be one of those with few to no issues since I got the sim when it was first released.


  1. FBW A32NX
  2. PMDG 737-600/700/800
  3. Fenix A320
  4. Just Flight’s FS Traffic
  5. FSLTL

Tough to list only 5!

Uwa’s Landing Lights.
Toolbar Pushback.
Aerosoft- Simple Traffic from MarketPlace.
LFVR- Airport Regional Enviroment X (all) MarketPlace.
Seafront Simulations- Vessels (all) MarketPlace.

I don’t do a lot of airliner flying, but I still like to see them all dressed up, their entourage dashing around
when I visit :smiley:

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Here are mine:

Aircraft Manager: what MSFS SHOULD have been like from the beginning;

Little Nav Map;

Navigraph/Simbrief, especially the Charts in-game in-flight app;

Add-ons linker: again something that shouldn’t be necessary, but is , to help reduce the unhelpful bloat and poor usability of the aircraft choice / absence of favourites, etc within “my hangar” (see Aircraft Manager, above);

Flight sim.to add on hosting service, including logging of the latest state of your downloads: I don’t think that I could / would use MSFS without it.

What’s missing? Something that lets me make persistent the choices that I make on the world map features display, rather than me having to set it every single time I load the sim. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. (Do none of the devs actually use the sim as a user? Or are they content to do this every time they open it, too? Imagine Windows re-set your desktop every time you opened it …)

Oh, and don’t get me started on the so-called “replay” system!


Well, let’s see:

1: Navigraph
2: Toolbar Pushback
3: PMDG 737-700/700
4: DC-3 Mod
5: FS Traffic

Number 5 is a bit pre-mature, but will be solid once the initial bugs are resolved. I just can’t fly without traffic.
And then I didn’t even get to my scenery/airport add-ons. There FlyTampa Boston and FlyTampa KLAS are my favorites.

And I am sure I forgot several others, lol.

EDIT: corrected developer from LVFR to FlyTampa, Whoops!!

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LVFR didn’t do KBOS, FlyTampa did :slight_smile:

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  • PMDG 737
  • Toolbar pushback
  • Simtoolkit pro
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In no particular order;

Little NavMap
Navigraph (charts and data)
Add-ons linker
HypePerformance H145

Honourable mention to Aerosoft Offshore Landmarks: North Sea

  • FLOW
  • MSFS Add-on Linker
  • Navigraph
  • Little Nav Map
  • Puffin Flight We Love VFR 1&2

Add-on linker
Fenix 320
PMDG 737
Google map enhanced

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