What can I expect from SU5?

I am glad it works out for you,
but in general faster ram does not make up for its size.
As an example, if a program requires 24 gb of ram, a 2666mhz 32gb ram system will likely win against an 4000mhz 16gb system, because the memory would have to be swapped constantly, limiting its speed to the SSD/HDD.

I understand what you’re saying however 16GB of slower @ 2133 ram will bottleneck long before my 4000 does (eg. causing microstutters). Theoretically at least 8GB more can be be transfered in the same time frame and at 100% usage considerably more. Not every app can benefit from fast ram but I’m confident MSFS will. Of course it will never outdo 32GB of any ram, that much I agree but for 1080p I’m certain it won’t ever have to. I also have MSFS on a PCI-E 4, 500GB pro Evo 980 just to be sure.

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Yep, looks like only one core is taking the whole pressure when of MSFS

@TroyairOne I just downloaded ProcessLasso and now following your tweaks :wink: Thanks again, I will see how it will goi when I’ll stream after that.
If not, Well, Hopfully SU5 will allow all cores to shares the load :wink:

Regards, SkyLane

Well, I can’t even uncheck the “Induce Performance Mode”


Error while deleting the directory G:/ … From the Auto perforamnce mode.

3D games and apps running mostly on a single core is a lot more normal than you may think and having lots of cores is hardly an advantage unless you plan to use several other apps concurrently. Of course this won’t always be the case as A.I. programming is starting to take off.

Oh ok, well, I hope SU5 will at least lower the load on the CPU

I agree, if MSFS with SU5 does not exceed 16gb, you don‘t have to worry concerning RAM size. If you really want to hunt for even a little more FPS you could lower your frequency and lower your timings, depending on your Hardware.

I’ts PC-3200 CL 14 originally but I get much better fps and much less stutters from my MB’s 16-16-16-36 @ 4000 profile. It was so easy to do that I haven’t really thought about OC ing by hand to lower timings than CL14.

Ok. If it runs fine, don‘t schange it :slight_smile: . If faster frequency or lower timings is better would also depend on your CPU, so if this gives you the best results, perfect.

Yup of course. However currently I am severly gpu limited until my new card arrives, I daresay when (if) it does I will have to look at ram speed and timings all over again

Now Airborn and streaming:


You can expect the stock longitude to still be trash.

Stock Longitude?

I hope to see improvements in the default aircraft. We will see. I usually wait a couple of days to see if a hot fix comes out but they a have been doing pretty well on updates

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Yes, stock longitude. Meaning the Cessna Longitude sans modification.

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Ahhhhh okok, sorry, I own the MSFS Basic edition, so I didnt realized when you said longitude as I don’t have it

That’s a strange error. I spent some time trying to duplicate it and figure a fix for it but was unable to. Have you been able to see any improvement otherwise, though?

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Wow, sorry about the file sizes LOL, also for some reason cannot get MSI afterburner on screen for some reason?

So I did everything save my own twist, the Game mode and HAGS off, 95% of the suggestions and added a pinch of low refresh 59,9, frame at half, locked at 30 … the logic there may become clear as I push A $^%&ton of pixels. These are all ultra++ and LODs at 300 or 3. Unfortunately I only briefly hit 30fps but it was 98.5% playable, there were a few skips when I was rubbernecking.

First here’s a print screen I had to pause and save to prove my glee…

And then some excessive so-Cal flight sim in ultra wide, yes there’s traffic too!
(all players, live AI, me on the east on the west server)

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Kinda yes, but I’m still really looking forward for SU5. what really affected my GPU was the Rendering Scale, but graphically, the differents is… ugly hehe… I never had Graphics that low, but if that’s the Sacrifice to be able to LiveStream and hoping that the SU5 and then DX12 will fix that, I can take this for the 9 next days :slight_smile:

Regards, SkyLane

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curious to see how the implementation of smoke effects and proper water / fluid dynamics and wake effects / spray is going to affect the program -