What Canadian airport should I do next? What would you like to see? [2023 update]

[July 2023 update]

Now that my CYYJ Victoria is released, I’m once again looking for feedback on what airport to do next. Please let me know if you are aware of other developers working on Canadian airports, what is expected to release soon, what is missing, and cast your vote for what you would like to see next. I Would like to identify airport targets that would be in demand, that are either not done or being worked on by anyone else, or exists in much inferior quality - and definitely not anything that’s already available on MSFS Marketplace. I prefer International/Regional airports that have jetways and can accept at least smaller airliners like 737 or ATR42 etc. Let me know what you think…

BTW I’m also open to the idea of making a US airport, provided nobody has done it yet, especially if it’s scheduled flights to Canada.

[Original post:]

Some of you may know me from my CYOW, CYOO, CYKZ and CNC3 Canadian airport sceneries. Now when CYOO is released, I’m considering my options for which Canadian airport to do next.

I’m open to suggestions regarding what are the most demanded airports that have not been done by anyone else and are not in the development currently by anyone, or are available in poor enough quality to be largely ignored. Naturally I would like to avoid unnecessary competition with other fine scenery developers by working on the same area, but rather work towards covering more Canadian airports instead, so we all win.

I was going to proceed with work on CYQB next, however a fair quality freeware was just released this month that clearly uses on-location photos for texturing, which I don’t have. So I don’t hitnk it’s worth it to do CYQB now as I may not be ablt to offer a large enough gap in quality to warrant the asking price.

I’m sure some of you are in the loop of who’s developing what - I’d appreciate any advice. I will contact some developers directly, but I’d like to narrow down my options before I do.

Some options I am considering:

  • CYYT St. John’s
  • CYYC Calgary
  • CYAM Sault Ste. Marie
  • CYWG Winnipeg
  • CYEG Edmonton
  • CYXX Abbotsford
  • CYXE Saskatoon
  • CYQT Thunder Bay

I haven’t thoroughly checked if they are available from someone, but on the first glance they weren’t available from most respected developers. Anyway, let me know what you think!


CYAM and CYQT were previously completed, although the quality is subpar.

FSimStudio is supposed to release CYEG by the end of the month, then CYYC.

SIMADDONS has done most of the major Canadian centers, again, quality is subpar and hopefully doesn’t deter quality producers such as yourself from re-doing them.

CYYT - CYWG - CYXE would be nice

And if you could re-do CYAM and CYQT I’d vote those as well.

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CYWG and CYYT would be my favs. :slight_smile:



If I had my pick I’d like to have Rockliffe (CYRO) my ‘home’ airstrip.

(Like your work on CYOW. Good stuff)

St Johns CYYT gets my vote.


CYTR - CFB Trenton, could use a little work. The taxiways are being ID’d wrong and the parking spots are a bit off. The three main hangers are showing up as 2 story buildings instead of actual hangers. :slight_smile:


CYYT would be great!


Your products are great, thanks so much for Buttonville (CYKZ) specifically it’s my home base and rendered just amazingly!! (love the TTC buses on the road)

A very selfish ask and likely won’t sell, but I would LOVE to see CYSX (Baker’s valley, known in the sim as state park for some reason). It’s a unique airport with a ski-jump to the west, also unusual for a private strip it has night lighting. FS has trees right to edge of the runway and far too much water around the runway currently. I think if it was rendered correctly it would be a great airport to fly out of! Thunder Bay would be my “realistic” ask (CYQT).

I’ve been waiting on a scenery for Whitehorse (CYXY) since launch, would absolutely love if someone is able to create a scenery for it.

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CYWG would be nice.


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CYXX would get my vote!

Thank you for asking us!


some airports that you listed are already done here (CYYT/CYYC/CYWG/CYEG/CYQT)

Nobody so far is doing CYUL


If Canada ever (!?) gets a world update, it will probably include most of the major airports. So why not do some of the regional airports surrounding those big centres (e.g. Springbank CYBW, Pitt Meadows CYPK, Villeneuve CZVL, St Andrews CYAV, etc)?

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Yea, they have been done, but it would be nice if someone did them again. The quality just isn’t there from SIMADDONS.


he can do what he wants :sweat_smile:,
just saying that they already exist :man_shrugging:

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I love your work. CYYT gets my vote.

CYEG has my vote, plus it’s my home base…not that I’m biased or anything

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What about CYYJ Victoria, with the aviation museum?