What Canadian airport should I do next? What would you like to see? [2023 update]

And Terrace. I think whenever a decent Q400 becomes available with MSFS this will open up a floodgate of demand for smaller Canadian airports.


Well, I figure CYPR offers a special opportunity. The airport is on the island, but the only way to the island is a ferry. You can model the airport, the island, the ferry. Perhaps some of Prince Rupert depending on how far you want to go with it. But a lot of the more scenic islands in the Northwest have already been taken by Orbx and such, this is a good opportunity. Its got a lot of eye candy type of things that can be done with it, and it is an entry airport into Canada if coming from Alaska.


That would be nice. I flew there a few times a year when I lived in BC. Getting to the airport is half the experience :slight_smile:

I vote for Calgary CYYC, because having flown in and out of there a couple of times in the past week or so, I can safely say that the stock one is pretty terrible. (At least the ILS works…)

Second choice would be Victoria.

Thank you all for valuable feedback! I actually made a spreadsheet, counted the votes from all channels and added notes. After sorting it out, heavy brainstorming, and coordinating future development plans with FSim Studios, I can now announce that I will develop CYYJ Victoria for MSFS next! When I’m done with it, I will most likely proceed with St. John’s, possibly followed up with Soult Ste. Marie, but we’ll see when we get there. Depends on what other developers are doing and what’s available by then. In any case, all requests are noted and will help determine my future plans.

Happy Canada Day!


Victoria was done by Simaddons.

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Just a heads up that long-standing developer Ralph of Simaddons released Victoria a couple months ago. All for competition but I’m hoping that this doesn’t discourage him as he’s a very friendly, responsive, and long-time dev of many Canadian airports.

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I’m aware of simaddons sceneries, and i don’t mind offering a competing airport, i did that with Ottawa already. According to feedback from many people they are not bad, but a bit basic, considering the price. They have been getting better lately but they are a bit pricey for what they offer, and not selling through MSFS Marketplace. I believe i can produce a much better airport that is more realistic, looks better, has more detail, at a cheaper price.


Some Simaddons airports lack the quality, IMO. For example, their CYEG has weird looking blue windows which looks nothing like the pictures I have seen of CYEG, as per my post here.

The worst part about Simaddons is, they charge so much for their airports. I really want a CYEG and CYYJ, even if I will use it temporarily, and if Simaddons charged a reasonable price, I would consider getting CYEG or CYYJ as a temporary add-on until a proper CYEG or CYYJ is done by FSimStudios, by you, etc.

But Simaddons does not charge a reasonable price, even though there is competition coming out (ie. FSimstudios will release their CYEG within weeks but Simaddons won’t budge on their price for CYEG). Personally, I bought the FSDreamTeam CYVR, even though I knew that FSimStudios was making CYVR. The FSDreamTeam CYVR was always a temporary stopgap until the FSimStudio CYVR. The reason with I bought the FSDreamTeam CYVR was because the price was reasonable, and the quality is actually quite good. While I no longer use the FSDreamTeam CYVR and I am using the FSimStudio CYVR, I don’t regret buying the FSDreamTeam CYVR one bit, because the price was reasonable at the time and the price was worth it for a “stop gap” temporary CYVR for me.

It’s too bad Simaddons charges what they do, for the quality that they have. If they had charged a more reasonable price for CYEG, 6 months ago, I would have considered getting that as a temporary stop gap until CYEG came out from FSimStudios. No way will I get CYEG from Simaddons with FSimStudios releasing their CYEG within weeks. And in the same token, no way will I buy CYYJ from Simaddons if you are working on CYYJ. Good luck with your CYYJ!

Simaddons needs to cut their price of some of their airports, IMO. The owner of Simaddons is free to set whatever price he/she wants, but realistically, with CYEG coming out from FSimStudios in the next few weeks, I’m surprised Simaddons never lowered the price of CYEG in the last 6 months. I assume the owner of Simaddons simply doesn’t care about what competition is coming out, and is going to keep the price the same, regardless.

That’s unfortunate. As I mentioned in the post above, I was willing to buy CYEG and CYYJ as a stop gap, temporary airport, until a better CYEG and CYYJ was done. But nope, the owner of Simaddons isn’t budging on the price.

I’m glad Simaddons has done so many Canadian airports. But at the same time, I think the owner of Simaddons needs to recognize what is coming down the pipeline, and that higher quality airports of the same airports that Simaddons has done, will come into the the market, and adjust the price accordingly.

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I agree, and yes please make a YYJ. I’d love to help, but don’t know much about coding, would love to learn though…

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I’m on it :slight_smile:

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I felt the same way about the SimAddon’s CYEG. Even though I really want my home base airport, I couldn’t justify the asking price for their product.

I don’t mind paying a premium for an airport, but that airport should be well done.

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Coding isnt really necessary for Airport Scenerys. Its all about understanding the SDK, and knowing the right tools. Biggest part is 3D-Modelling/Texturing. And gather current Photos and Acesss to the airport.


That would take a while… They have so much already in pipeline that should release earlyer than YUL. And competing with FT would be harder than with the other devs mentioned that have done many canadian Airports.

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Would love to see CYXX as it’s a fairly busy airport these days, CYXE would be awesome too as it will probably be overlooked by a lot of developers. Cheers!

There’s a free version of CYXE on flightsim.to

CYXE - Saskatoon
CYOD - CFB Cold Lake
CYBG - CFB Bagotville
CYCW - Chilliwack
CYXX - Abbotsford


Simaddons airports are ok, but are not modern airports…they are ports that don’t make use of a lot of platform related upgrades. For me at least, they are a “last resort”…Sorry Ralph!

My vote would be for a good CYYT and CYYC


This is the A/P I fly out of most of the time with MSFS.

I learned to fly there 30 yrs ago and I just got back to flying out of there this summer as a result of my MSFS experience. Basically wondered if I could still do the real thing after flying MSFS.

One issue with the MSFS version of this A/P is the incorrect placement of the re-fueling pumps.

BTW, I like your other add-ons as well, especially the CYOW one.