What Canadian airport should I do next? What would you like to see? [2023 update]

I’d love to see some smaller but still fairly busy Ontario Airports get some love :slight_smile:

Thunder Bay and Sault Ste. Marie would be great!


Thunder Bay is done by SimAddons and 1 other, but not to the level you do. SSM was done by MSScenery Builders but it is quite poor.

And of course I live in Timmins, so please do that one :stuck_out_tongue: although me and maybe 2 other people would be interested :wink:

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CYXE Saskatoon. True there is one in the marketplace, but it’s not that great. CYXE needs a developer to do it justice.

St.John’s NFLD, and Charlottetown, PEI are also my picks for further development.

I’m not from Canada but am familiar with a few airports in Quebec - it’d be good to see Mirabel, Quebec City, Val d’Or and Rouyn Noranda.

I second both St John’s and Charlottetown.

I would love to have CYVQ Norman Wells!

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CYHZ would be nice

FSimStudios did this quite awhile ago.

I don’t think Roman is re-doing anything that is already out from a quality developer.

Can’t get it for xboxx
Maybe some day😉

Are you 100% exclusive to Canada? I’ve been wishing someone would do my local airport in Washington state. It’s so close I do fly back and forth to Canada. KOLM or KCLS.

So far, but it’s not set in stone. I will consider your suggestions.

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Ever consider any of the water harbours? They may not be doable in the same manner one would do an airport, but someplace like Bamfield would be great.

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CYYB, where I got my private pilot’s licence back in 1984!

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I purchased it yesterday but haven’t tried it out. Looks great though!

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CYYT definitely. It really needs some attention. Stock is terrible.


In that case what about Bellingham? KBLI?

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I think it has been done, but I believe it is only for PC.

Thanks, I’ll look it up…. YYj-BLI flights in the future

What about Niagara Falls KIAG? Granted, it’s just across the border but it serves far more Canadian pax than it does American. It would also be a superb companion add-on for Jeppeson2001’s Niagara city pack!

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CYWG needs a MAJOR overhaul. I vote Winnipeg. The default is basically unuseable, and the one payware that is out there so far is the worst money I have ever spent in my life. PLEASE fix my hometown.


CYWG is already in the works by FSimStudios, releasing after CYUL.

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