What Canadian airport should I do next? What would you like to see?

Thanks! I’m working on CYYJ now, but after that I will reconsider all suggestions again when making selection for the next one…


Take my money!

Edit: Any idea when it’s going to be available? No rush, I haven’t been flying much over the summer anyway because I would rather be outside. But I’m wondering if it’ll be ready before the weather turns in the fall?


It’s going to take 2-3 months at best… But it will be worth the wait!


+1 vote for Cold Lake. Need a place to park my Starfighters. :sunglasses:


good thing is that you probably will make more $$$$ with the failure that was Canada’s WU :sweat_smile: :man_shrugging:

Also going to throw CYBW out there. Great little airport and is one of the 10 busiest in Canada by aircraft movements. CYXX, CYQQ and CYMJ would be welcome.


CFB Cold Lake Alberta please. They train F-18 pilots there.


CYXX mod has not been updated in ages and has an out of date localizer. Would much appreciate a stab at this airport. It’s quite busy and where I do most of my testing from. Beautiful little airport that can do GA up to small Airliners with great views. Traffic is quite varied here.

A little pack of southern bc smaller strips would be good similar to what sws did with okavango

I’d want CYSE please.

CYYT definitely needs some attention.


I’d love to see CJD3 (Birch Hills, SASK) created by a 3rd party developer.

Here’s some test screengrabs of my CYYJ Victoria terminal - first MSFS model testing. This is work in progress, but should give you a good idea about the quality of the modeling I’m aiming for:

Terminal with partial interior modeling is a huge part of the airport work, and except for some minor changes and bugfixing it’s complete. Note that even taxis and police are in authentic colors/liveries. No markings and ground work are present in the test screenshots, this comes at a later stage. All materials and PBT textures are fully custom. I have been able to get detailed reference materials for buildings, aprons etc. so the modeling is as realistic as it can be, while balancing FPS impact and cisual quality. I went as far as having several drone photo sessions over industrial areas in my area to create plausible seamless roof textures, wtill working on that part.


Are you making the seaplane terminals in Victoria too and if so, any pictures of the seaplane terminals yet?

I’m definitely making the seaplane terminal next to the CYYJ airport. It’s not ready yet, but here’s a model for a static plane that’s going to be there:

I’m also planning to do a Victoria terminal, but as a separate (very inexpensive) package. It’s too far from the CYYJ to be included on the same package, and deserves some attention to detail as well. Even if it’s just a few buildings, static planes and docks, it has to be done right.


Great, a seaplane terminal that comes with your CYYJ would be awesome!

I also look forward to your separate Victoria seaplane terminal.

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Related to this topic about the Seaplane terminal for Victoria, the de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver was released yesterday for the 40th Anniversary Edition of MSFS. So when Roman releases CYYJ with the seaplane terminal, and Roman also releases the separate seaplane terminal for downtown Victoria, it won’t be as fun unless there are Harbour Air planes to fly to/from the seaplane terminals :grin:

For that reason, please vote here to make a request for somebody to do the Harbour Air livery for the DHC-2 Beaver: Harbour Air DHC-2 Beaver | Requested by tankjohnson | Flightsim.to

I would love to fly the Beaver with the Harbour Air livery, to/from the coming seaplane terminals that Roman is working on!

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RCAF Goose bay please. And availiable on xbox. You would sell bucket loads

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I hope you are one of the ones who is releasing these for Xbox too. My top requests would be:

CYYC Calgary, this is the main airport I fly from
CYCW Chilliwack, this is my home town. My family has a long association with aviation in that area.
CYXX Abbotsford, again, this one has personal meaning for me.
CYOD CFB Cold Lake, for when I want to fly an F-18!


one vote for CYWG (CYTR and CYOD would be cool as well!