What card should you upgrade to for VR?

For those people still using older cards what would be a good upgrade card? I’m going from a 2060.

Second hand 1080ti/2070 or newer 3060ti+

honestly, good luck finding anything. your 2060 is already pretty good and you can either change teams and go Radeon or you can hold out for more stock on 3xxx series cards.

Personally, i’d say switch teams. you still might gotta wait for a 5700 XT or 6xxx series but they are giving the 30xx series a run for its money. I have a 5500 XT OC and i’m able to run VR at medium, 100% render res at a playable level with Rift S. My issues lie from the game punishing my computer (system crashes, probably due to heating issues) that can’t be resolved beyond waiting for Asobo to optimize the game Oculus to optimize their OpenXR integration or buying a new CPU, CPU Cooler, GPU and Case

Right now is kind of a bad time to build a computer, let alone upgrade. You’re gonna be paying a premium for for GPUs for the most part

But if you’re sticking with Nvidia, you can probably find a 2080 series on craiglist for 400-500 bucks. if you’re lucky

I’d completely skip this Gen of cards for msfs. You’ll pay a lot of current Gen and get very little reward if buying for this game alone. Going from a 2060 to any of the cards you listed will be a side step.

Even going to a 3080 might only get you an extra 10fps.

I would personally go with a 11GB card by all means and nothing less.

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