What Causes These Artifacts?

Anyone know how to effectively get rid of these artifacts? It’s noticeable on cloudy days, especially when AI or multiplayer aircraft are taking off/descending. Drives me batty.

Anyone else? (Open photo below in full screen)

I have seen exactly this on cloudy days as well for months. I have no idea what settings to apply that may mitigate this!

@moxiejeff I have moved this to #self-service:install-performance-graphics as it is a community support type of thread (and it also allows me to remove the autoclose after 30 days for the thread :wink: )

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That’s likely caused by TAA - try some different anti aliasing solution.

TAA has issues on fast moving objects vs clouds since launch it seems.


Thanks Tamalien, truly appreciate you! Glad to know it’s not just me.

Exactly this, its TAA doing it.

So if it’s TAA doing this, what’s the fix? Isn’t TAA the “best” in anti-aliasing at the moment?

The fix is don’t use TAA, but then you get worse AA, cant win im afraid :-(.