What controller should i buy?

So i bought microsoft flight sim, but i still have a problem, i have no idea what yoke i should buy, what’s better? A steering wheel like- yoke or a stick like- yoke? And what ones are the best?

It really depends on which aircraft you will fly the most. Take a look at the Honeycomb Aeronautical yoke and throttle. Very high ratings. Logitech also have both joysticks and throttles that work well. There is even a set specifically for the Airbus.
Honeycomb Aeronautical - Aviate Navigate Simulate (flyhoneycomb.com)
Logitech G Flight Simulation Gear - Customizable & Modular
thrustmaster TCA - Bing

I should also let you know that all of these are very hard to come by at the moment … everyone seems to be sold out. And the folks on eBay are asking ridiculously high prices.

Honeycomb Alpha Yoke is the best it turns 90 degrees , good quality and it is affordable the only problem is that it might be sold out. I was lucky to buy mine back in July and I’m very happy with it. I also have the thrusmasterTCA stick that I only use to fly A320. My perception is that the Yoke behaves better with even small aircrafts (single engine) that have a stick.

I got the HOTAS X56 back in November due to everything else being on BO…
Finally able to get the Honeycomb Yoke in Mid December and the difference is night and day comparing the two…
Get the Honeycomb Yoke…It really makes the flight experience more realistic and the quality is top rate…
I still use the throttle part of my X56 but I am going to get the Honeycomb bravo quadrant as soon as it becomes available …

My Honeycomb yoke seems to be head and shoulders above Logitech one in terms of quality. My neighbour has the Logitec and he is very envious. An initial bug has been fixed thanks to Tricky1.

You can fly anything with a 3-axis joystick that has a throttle, and it won’t eat your entire desk like yoke (or your entire office when you have to add a throttle and pedals). I’d start with a modest one until you figure out what you really want to fly, rather then shelling out right off the bat for a fancy setup.

The other question is: What is actually available to buy right now from a reputable retailer?