What did you discover about our world after a year of flying?

Hello everyone, I was wondering what did you guys notice about our planet after flying around so many places for a year now? For me it’s the amount of farms and wind turbines out there. It’s unbelievable how much space we use for farming on our planet.


I found out I was wrong this whole time: The earth is round…

No but for real though, i noticed how big the planet is and how much land we have likely yet to tread. We should be thankful to have GPS, established airways and other modern navigation tools. This planet is so big its easy to get lost just looking at all there is to offer from metropolitan centers to remote wilderness still yet to be visited by humans. Were it not for finite resources, geographic limitations and political strife, there is more than enough space for everyone to live as they see fit.

But since i mostly only fly commercial planes, there isn’t much in the way of observations to be made at 35,000 feet…


An astonishing amount of the USA is pancake flat and people don’t like neighbours living close to them.


World is so small :slight_smile:


I have discovered how absolutely massive the oceans are!


There’s an obscene amount of land in the US being wasted on giant-■■■ golf courses. You can easily tell when flying over an affluent area (particularly in Florida) due to the large number of golf courses in a small area.


I did notice that!

Mexico is not sepia at all


Okay… that was funny right there!

To the point however, I’ve learned how small the planet truly is, and how wonderful it is to have it so accessible to our imagination.

When I read posts complaining about how some specific building, or some patch of grass or type of trees in a specific location are rendered incorrectly… I am reminded to stand back and take in the whole planet… because that’s what we can do. A truly remarkable feat, even if not perfected.

When I first got involved with the release of MSFS, my earliest flights were reconstructing a couple real-world trips I took, some 30 years ago, with my Father in-law (the pilot - not me) in a tiny Cessna. I sent him some screen captures of the simulated flight, and like a child at Christmas, he was so amazed, and so impressed by the realism we’ve achieved in this simulation.

Does it work every time, no. Does it have it’s hiccups and hang-ups, yeah…
But seriously… this whole ride is amazing…
And like my now 90 year old Father In-law… getting better with age.


[Edit: And my complements to the OP @UglierLattice7 for posting such a great thread.]


I found 5 meteor crash sites in Mexico.


New Zealand is amazing. I’d never seen a braided river before. Incredible.


I realized the earth does not spin smoothly, it stutters :smile: :smile:


Setup a flight last night out of Telluride, Colorado and just wanted to go South towards New Mexico. Picked a completely random destination as Shiprock airfield. As I descended from about 10,000ft towards the field elevation of about 5000ft, I noticed this giant thing sticking up out of the otherwise fairly flat terrain. At first I thought it was one of those ■■■■ FS2020 artifacts that used to crop up back in the early days.

It was absolutely awesome. It was Shiprock ( Tsé Bitʼaʼí)



What did I discover?

…parts of it or some of it’s contents are luminous pink.


I found out just how many islands there are. I guess I should have expected that, considering I know lots of families that vacation in the 1000 islands in the summer, but yet I guess I never thought about it much.

I visited South Africa every 3 months for a number of years, and actually lived there a few months. I never realized all the homes outside the city were mainly along the main highways, and the rest was pretty open spaces. I drove to many different townships, but of course that was all by main highway, so I just always thought it was more populated across the land than it is. I also found a farmer who did crop circles in all of his farms.

I’ve found a lot of places, they just don’t look like how I pictured them in my head. In particular, I guess I thought the world was a lot more flat than it is.

I’m still exploring finding surprises


That there is some very remote places.

My favourite flying hobby is to start midair in a random place and then trying to find a paved airstrip to land. Especially in South America you can fly for a very long time without seeing a single road or a house. This has also showed me something unexpected: Throughout the globe humans like to make their settlementsd in similar geographical places.


The amount of scary NOTAMS in certain parts of the world.

How much of our planet is covered in water.

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I discovered the fantastic and varied scenery of France, particularly Verdon gorge in the Provance but also the French alps and the Pyrenees. It’s just such a shame SU5 ruined the chalk cliffs at Etretat.

That New Zealand is a breathtakingly beautiful country


Lol like the one for the two Airports in Seoul, if you go into 74b you will be warned with a tracer round, if you enter 74a you will be shot down unless you are determined as friendly.
Just shows how serious this world is