What did you do in MFS today?

nice…I like testing a lot too, when FBW come out with new “stuff” to their mod…it’s a real JEWEL !!
But if i may “say” something…landing speed for A32N is arround 130kt. You arrived too fast, so you had to take control too soon, and couldn’t test and enjoy a “full” autoland :wink:
During a full autoland, the only thing you need to do, is pull back thrust to iddle when computer says retard…and then take control and brake and stear :wink:

Today’s part of trip around Australia in C172. Departed from Cooktown (YCKN) heading to Lockhart River (YLHR). It was nice weather all flight with good tail wind 10kn. Except that it was very turbulent. However, I found this just before Lockhart River airport.

And the airport got covered in clouds just before my eyes. So I had to go to alternate airport that was behind mountains, so clouds didn’t get there. I landed at Wattle Hills Airport (YWAT). After lending there, I found out there is really nothing around, so I continued to Weipa (YBWP).

lad mig lige test den her for dig, og jeg kommer tilbage med mine resultater

Let me test this one for you, and i’ll be back with the results

ok, just so your vid…quite weird ILS … I will check it too.
Like i said in your last vid, landing spedd wayyyyyy too high ! between 126kt and 135kt according to the weather. Actually if you put all datra in the MCDU, it’ll even give you the landing speed :wink:

Took out the CRJ again after some time, EDDF-ESGG.
Still challenging, yet so much fun.


Some loose formation flying over the Caribbean - one Goose, two Geese


Totally agree. I’m almost dissapointed, because now when theres no ATC online on VATSIM, I find no real feeling from flying with the default atc :sleepy:. Also, I’m on my way to becoming a controller on the network so if you ever want to fly vatsim in canada you might be talking to me soon! :smile:
Happy flying!

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excellent…I happen to have Vancouver payware from Dreamteam :sunglasses: :partying_face:…I’d like doing some Vancouver to Calgary, or Edmonton …or Toronto flights. Just hope the phraseology is not too different, compared to European phraseology…Or even Europe-Canada-Europe long haul. But that’s more tricky to be synchronised with the online-ness of the ATC on the other side. :wink:
Hopefully FBW will “soon” release their A380 !!! I’m popping of impatience :grin:


Kept it serious and all above board…just don’t show the CAA :rofl:


Performed an amazing flight from EHAM to LEBL with A32N. Tomorrow will go from LEBL to EDDM, weather is so nice in Munich so I expect it will be a very smooth landing as well.

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Another flight over the ice sheets of Greenland. Stopped when I encountered some clouds AND some solid land. So looks like I’m almost done with my cross over Greenland (Savage Carbon).

I should be somewhere here, having flown 48 minutes today:

Photo book

I had a good stay on the ice sheet, but it’s time to go:

If my QNH information is correct I’m about this high on the ground:

Some vague hints of clouds on the horizon:

After two hours (spread over two flights) of nothing but Ice Sheets and clear skies, it’s good to see a cloud:

No choice, have to dive under the clouds:

Looks tricky, might as well put it down on the Ice Sheets. Only 24% fuel left, but I come prepared with the equivalent weight of full tanks as a payload. Loaded that up in Kulusuk before I left for the crossing.


Ohare to Heathrow in my first shot at the 787…and made it. Needless to say I left the cockpit. My bad.
I set up the fms for arrival at 27r. It had a couple weird arrival waypoints that the plane couldn’t bank sharp enough to get to so was circling wide. I tried deleting them but deleted the whole arrival. Had to regroup and line up for visual and land. Lucky it was clear and at night. Easy to find runway. Plus the autopilot was a struggle. Once working simply do not touch it.


Funny. Those are my main routes and I just left NA for Europe for the first time. Try a stop over in Kelowna if you are not too big or try a 737 in castlegar. They use to fly them in there.

Melbourne (YMML) to Alice Springs (YBAS), and spotted this gem.

worth a listen btw


Flew the Southwest Airbus A320NX from Pittsburgh PA (PIT) to Chicago IL (ORD). All in all smooth flight expect the glorious ATC failed to allow to me contact tower to get cleared for the approach and landing and next thing I knew I was 5,000 feet above my runway.

Short 10 minute loop around and canceling IFR and requesting full stop landing did the trick. The passengers didn’t know lol.

Climb out of Pittsburgh PA

Somewhere 34,000ft in the air

Not the best shot, but flying over Chicago approaching O’Hare INTL


Are they from that area? I notice area appropriate names, some humorous in other places

I think the correct answer is, it’s complicated. The band members don’t appear to specifically come from that local region, but the importance of Uluru to Australia’s indigenous people can not be understated. I would wager it is certainly a nod to them.

Yothu Yindi (Yolngu for “child and mother”, pronounced /jɒθuː ˈjɪndi/) are an Australian musical group with Aboriginal and balanda (non-Aboriginal) members, formed in 1986 as a merger of two bands formed in 1985 – a white rock group called the Swamp Jockeys and an unnamed Aboriginal folk group.[1][2][3] The Aboriginal members came from Yolngu homelands near Yirrkala on the Gove Peninsula in Northern Territory’s Arnhem Land


Sure looks like it: More worthy than BOOKE and DANNO on the westerly approach to O’ahu.


Just finished my longest and best flight yet. Flew IFR Edmonton CYEG to Vancouver international CYVR with exceptional ATC coverage from VATSIM. I know to most two hours isn’t a lot, if anything, but man was that rewarding. Got some nice screenshots of the sun setting over the clouds, and was the landing ever smooth. A bit off the centerline, I’ll admit, but smooth nonetheless.

Somewhere in-between the Rockies and Vancouver.
Cheers and happy flying, folks.


I only use A320Neo from FBW so far…they are the most “realistic” aircraft in MSFS so far. And i’m an Airbus fanboy… Untill now, the A330 was my favourite “heavy” , thanks to Project mega pack ( they also have Boeings).
But since someone has solved the mirroring problem on the 747-8, I think i might reconsider…until the A380 from FBW will be released :wink:
Would an A320 be able to land/take off in Castlegar? I would definitely try Kelowna ! cheers for the tips