What did you do in MFS today?

Did Flightbeam fix the ILS and RNAV approaches to KPDX? Last time I had it installed it broke the approaches to 10L/28R and 10R/28L which are the primary runways, and ATC always sent me to a visual landing on little 03/21.

This mornings adventure is up the river to vegas out of ford field. It was running really good this morning with no pg avg 40fps on ultra:

Ran into some weather:

It cleared I took a break:

Came back still running good so I turned on PG before I hit downtown Vegas:

Then I landed:

I have to say that is the best Ive ever seen PG look before, when I was flying over the freeway the concrete divider was there instead of being melted mess, the bldgs look good and right.

Im hopeful for tomorrows update.


@SvenZ It’s 125 days of pure flying. Together with some sleep what else did you do???

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That would be good as well. I think it has come up in other threads so who knows, it might arrive sometime.

I also noticed that last week on this side of The Pond. The overall technology seems pretty remarkable.

Write up all this :crazy_face:

I only need 3 or 4 hours of sleep per night, you can do a lot in 20 hour days :slight_smile:

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I really have to get retired, haha. I think my forum/flying ratio is 70/30. that must change!

Really great if you can afford it lol…

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I want to say it is fixed. I never had it before this, so I can’t relate to those issues. I can confirm tho I was cleared by ATC and landed on my selected approach which was 28L without any issues.

Hope this helps!

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Flew another leg of my Great Lakes loop in the Cessna 152 today Jamestown NY to Erie International airport next leg is Erie Pa to Lake county executive airport in Ohio

my tour so far I’ve covered

Kingston Canada to Oswego Fulton
Oswego Fulton to Ledgedale airpark
Ledgedale airpark to Buffalo Lancaster
Buffalo Lancaster to Hamburg NY
Hamburger to Jamestown NY

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You should change the Lake County airport to Burke Lakefront more scenic, its also where they have the annual air show.


I might have do that then

and then on to Toledo with a quick hop around the islands on the way ;p I’d tell ya to stop and see Cedar Point Amusement Park but apparently there’s no PG so there’s no Park.

I’m just going to fly over it because after that Airport off Cleveland harbor I was going to shoot for Put in Bay Ohio because I love island airfields a lot and I try to land on them when ever possible I’ll just give Cedar point a fly by and rock the wings as I go by

I love flying to get things in context. Someone was talking about the Bingham copper mine landslide. So I had to go and get stuff into perspective.

wow… thanks for sharing. Gonna have to go back and check out Kalgoorlie open cut since all the improvements

hey… when exactly does the x-box app go live (Zulu)? I want to park myself in the JFK tower and watch the hilarity ensue as they spawn and do their first flights

landed at Burke Lakefront from Erie PA today ready for a night flight to put in bay is in my plans because I only fly with live weather and live time on on my Cessna 152 tour of the Great Lakes it’s actually incredible on how many farms I’ve flown over (I’m not sure what the count is) but we are getting closer to Detroit the airport was a really nice airport and I wonder how many people just watch the air show from their boat or kayak out there and anchor in front of the runway ends

Not at the runway ends but quite a few people sit out on the lake and watch the show. Theres usually fireworks as well, Plus the Cleveland Stadium is there (football only now) but in the olden times when it was both foorball and baseball if there was a game that weekend they would have fireworks after game as well…

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Thanks, I’ll try reinstalling it and see if it’s working now for me. Does have some nice scenery! :smiley:

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Yes there is. I did one, and its at flightsim.to