What did you do in MFS today?

Playing with little navmap while flying in the dirt in Az. NW to ???:


More approach and landing practice with my controller setup tonight - once I got the button assignments and sensitivity curves tweaked to my satisfaction, the toughest part was navigating the AI-suggested route to the gate. What do they think this is? A Zero-Turn Mower or something? :slight_smile:

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Did some lake hopping in the Minnesota Boundary Waters. Lots of fun.


Not stupid at all. But I just downloaded this route from the website I provided. There’s a pdf file at the bottom of the website.

Not really in sim, but more with sim.

Trying to reproduce issues others having to maybe be more of an help on the forum.

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Today was a flight model modding attempt day. :wink:

I found a POH online for the Flight Design CTSL (the actual CT Supralight, not one of the beefier LSA models) and read that the -12 degree flaps position is meant to be used at cruise, to reduce drag and boost speed a few knots!

Tested it out, and unfortunately found that it has no effect on speed in the sim, though it does correctly affect pitch… Turns out the flight_model.cfg lists 0 drag for both 0 degree and -12 degree flaps positions!

Unfortunately my attempts to mod it didn’t result in improvements; I think the flaps drag model just doesn’t properly handle negative flaps right now. ;_;

It’s still a lovely plane and I enjoy flying it, but I could sure use that extra 5 knots boost. :wink:

Detail thread on this subject if anyone’s interested:


flying to Las Vegas on Vatsim


Left Singapore


Testing out scenery for Nagoya, including my own mapcaps. Everything works with SU5. FreakyD’s downtown Nagoya has more buildings, but the building helipads don’t work, neither are there blinking red lights on the buildings… Did not try the airport sceneries, so that is next. Every time I go there, it’s pouring rain, this summer.


I followed the VFR approaches and looked for the VFR checkpoints in the YVR area.

I was comparing from a real life.

Too many trees but otherwise pretty ■■■■ good.

Powerlines could be easier to see. That is being pretty freaking picky lol.

RL powerlines on VFR approach cyxx

Courthouse CZBB

Chilliwhack Mountain Fraser River VFR route.

Racetrack west of CYXX

Island off CYPK

Looking north while taking off rwy 07 CYCW


I made a cold and dark start and entered a route in the G5000 of the Cessna Citation Longitude from EHAM to KJFK and departed from Schiphol. The flight will be chopped into pieces. I can’t simulate spare time to fly :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I love the aircraft but there’s still so much that can be improved in the simulation version.


Flew a short night VFR flight from KBVY to KBOS not realizing that one of the latest sim updates had reverted my AI Radio/Comms assistance setting back to default (on). This provided an interesting unannounced trip into the Bravo. I really hope that FS2020 will create better integration with VATSIM especially as it pertains to flight logs and comms. In any case, here’s the flight:


Many thanks. I shall look further at the website. Much appreciated.

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after the trip from Kabul to Bangkok, flew back with an empty plane and leaving her parked and open overnight at the gate.


More landing shenanigans, A320 at Courchevel and Lukla

Approach to Courchevel LFLJ from Geneva

Runway in sight, that hill is a bit in the way

Successful landing, although not on the firs attempt (too low RIP)

The perspective is deceiving while coming in at low speed, no speed left to correct, do or die

Works when aiming a bit higher than I would normally approach a runway at, the upward slope messes with your brain. It makes it look extremely short as well!

It was dark in the Himalayas, departure from Paro, not looking good

The very definition of a fool’s errand

Well I found it, 10 seconds before slamming into the mountains

It might be do-able without fog, with runway lights

Couple attempts with a weather preset later

Even in an emergency, just don’t

Still impressed with how stable it is landing at 115 knots with default load out, yet those upward sloping runways make for a rough landing. Fun practice. Should be easy now in a GA plane :slight_smile:


this days replay fps games, so i don’t fly, but spitfire was updated so test some


Paris - France


While arriving at KEFD watching a plane overtaking me getting a turnaround.

And enjoying the view to KSMO


Tried the SamScenery New York scenery and scooted around the city. Good, easy on FPS. Needs active helipads on ground and rooftops (I’m one of a minority), needs to make the Chrysler building less pointy (gosh, I’m picky). The active cable cars remind me of the ORBX London scenery - nice touch. Soon plan to tour in the city. Why has nobody made an ersatz NYPD livery for the 135?


I visit this forum daily and check out this thread often. These sir, are some of the best screen shots I have seen. Good stuff.