What did you do in MFS today?

Did a short flight in the C208 including the mods (v2102.1 of C208 and WT g1000 v0.3.5), EBOS - EBAW.

Also got my first prototype for an easier to use .NET SimConnect Wrapper working.

SimAir log: SimAir.io


Today I flew from Casablanca, Morocco to Bilbao, Spain!

Photo below but in wrong order :confused:


recalibrated my x52 and saitek pedals and took a spin around Paris. As I enjoy basic settings for the EH, that’s where I’ll probably stay.


Left the Florida mainland to tour the Keys, finally landing at Key West. Tomorrow I’ll cross over to Marco Island and start making my way up the western coast of Florida.

And finally after landing, I hit up a local ultralight club and went exploring my surroundings in another Top Rudder Solo 103.


Getting shocked by the terrain (Bing map) quality in Venezuela :confused:


Landing on the hard deck aircraft carrier in the F-15 :grin:


After a delay (IRL waiting for things to settle out with the G3000 between v0.5.1 and v0.6.1), Air Journey World Tour is back on track!

Note to future travelers - Paro airport in Bhutan:

  1. Does not have an ATIS/AWOS - in real life you would need to contact the nearest weather station by HF radio or land-line telephone - obviously not options in the sim.
  2. Feels real short for a Longitude T/O; I saw the piano keys on the other end of the runway and I had just barely cleared Vr even though I had at least 1500 ft to spare even on a high-altitude T/O.

Paro Bhutan (VQPR) to Chiang Mai, Thailand (VTCC) - 750nm or so.


Something else to Take Bush Flying.


Something else … played more with my SimConnect wrapper. Got this kind of interface at the moment:

And to read:

Now need to support all simple properties and some useful data structures too.

Just playing, probably will end up as another half finished start of a project. I enjoy designing API’s that are easy to use (for me).

But SimConnect is one convoluted interface! Clearly from another era. 64-bit only dll, not available in NuGet, marshalling to win32 types, …

Got to Erie Pa. just in time to view the destruction of our Allies in Canada…

Now the question is: was it a mass suicide due to the pandemic, or was it a terrorist attack! LOL

Air Journey World Tour Leg 11 Interlude: Wat Pho, Thailand and Angkor Wat, Cambodia


Today’s leg from Key West to Naples was at sunset rather than the usual sunrise. I made an exception to my usual no-autopilot policy because of the monotonous amount of water I had to cross to get back to the mainland without backtracking through the Keys. As soon as I got back to dry land, manual control resumed.


Morning flight from EDDF to LOWS.


Did a patrol circuit around the southern Ryukyu Retto.


First partial IFR flight in the Caravan from YCOI TO YPPH. 47 minutes of shear terror.

8,000 ft.------12,000 ft.-------16,000ft. followed by “expedite your descent to 8,000 ft.”

Followed immediately by, “expedite your descent to 2,800 ft.”

All while flying through the soup. Had no time to take pics and I’m exhausted.


YMML - YMML RNAV approach… rinse then repeat


  • I learned what happens with the FBW flight-pad, when you fail to properly dismiss the tug… steering anyone??? - nice to see new crew alert messages, I guess it means I’m lurnin sumthin

-had a FP deviation and got rerouted from inland to ocean approach for landing.

  • atc within a minute or two, gave me about 6 altitude changes… not all in the same direction. down to 6000, then up to 7000, then before even confirming, back to 6000, then 8000 and then 3000. All before I could confirm with ATC or even dial in the changes… sorry, but ATC and IFR sux big salty donkey balls.

otherwise had fun. Saw a doco that mentioned the QE2 was at the mouth of Los Angeles ‘River’… decided to take a gander. Low and behold… thar she is, right next to the half sunk!Russian sub

umm… there is another ship there, which appears to have foliage… anyone know the story with that?

got sent to the ■■■■ end of the airport to park… upon seeing the nearest hangar, I now know why!


Took off from KLAS to intercept an overflying jet at FL360 in the Got Gravel Vertigo. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Naples to Tampa in the Bandeirante, back on our usual morning schedule.

Just south of Sarasota we finally found some clouds again, and this time they were too low to safely go under, so I had to keep dodging around them the rest of the way into Tampa.

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge, between Sarasota and St. Petersburg.

Upon entering St. Petersburg we were greeted by the domed Tropicana Field, home of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays baseball team.

Finally sighting downtown Tampa through the fog.

And lining up for final to Tampa Executive. I probably didn’t need that last notch of flaps.

Tomorrow I promised my passengers we’d go to Orlando because I skipped past it in my hurry to Vero Beach. Also thinking about getting a new paint job while we’re in Tampa.


Flew around in the Seneca today. So long as I keep the VFR map firmly closed it doesn’t CTD (yay)! Beginning to love the combination of steam gauges and baby Garmins. Top 5 favourite planes to fly in the sim?

  1. King Air
  2. Seneca
  3. TBM
  4. Bandeirante
  5. SR22

You seem to fly a lot around Japan. Special interest?

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